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Bodybuilding - How to get the best results.

Bodybuilding takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but the benefits definitely make it all worthwhile. Just a few of the many benefits of bodybuilding include: increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, more energy for every day tasks, relieves stress, builds confidence, builds strength for sports, more appeal to the opposite sex, better health, etc..

Bodybuilding Fanatic is dedicated to all bodybuilders from beginner to advanced, here you can take a hard look at workout routines, diets and supplements. Knowing the best methods along with motivation and persistence is the key to success!

Think you already know everything about bodybuilding? Well then think again. The fact is there are many myths and even outright lies you have been told , and if you want to make the fastest gains and avoid the common pitfalls then you must learn the truth.

I built this site to help you by giving you good, unbiased information. With all the bodybuilding information out there it can seem overwhelming at first, but there are ways to narrow down the field and find a sensible plan that will work best for you. Take some time and navigate around our site and do a little research. And also don't forget to Sign Up for our Free Bodybuilding Newsletter


If you want to build your best body ever then DO NOT buy any supplement, read any muscle magazine or book until you read this important information.

Amazing Muscle Building Secrets Revealed
Inside Secrets on Building Massive Muscles!

In case you didn't know, most people in the supplement and bodybuilding industry will not share their techniques and secrets. Sure they may show you a workout plan in a magazine and try to get you taking supplements. True bodybuilders never give out the real secrets. They are guarded secrets; the cherished nuggets of gold that make them what they are. Giving these secrets away would be giving away years of hard work, years of trial and error and helping their competition.

I'm sure that you are wondering why I am revealing these secrets. Well, frankly, it's because I, like you, have finally reached the conclusion that we are getting taken advantage of... we don't get what we deserve and we are spending ridiculous amounts of money to try to build muscle, on programs and supplements that don't work.

If you want to build muscle quickly, you need this information. The information basically covers all aspects of building muscle, from training to nutrition. It applies to everyone especially those who are genetically average. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, the information is, in some cases, shocking!

A few years ago I totally gave up on trying to build the body I wanted. I thought how is it possible for us to put a man on the moon, clone animals, replace organs in humans and not be able to help genetically average people build impressive physiques? I wondered if people like me and you who have genetically average bodies could make dramatic changes in our physiques? I mean wouldn't you want to have a lean, strong, muscular body? If so, then I'm telling you now that I've found the answers!

The answers are: It is possible for you to pack on slabs of ripped muscle mass fast! It is possible for you to completely change your body, no matter what shape you're in now, even if everything you've tried previously hasn't worked!

I'm living proof!!

The truth is, I hated the way I looked. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off in public. I even hated taking off my clothes in front of my girlfriend. For ten years I desperately wanted to improve my body; to look like a bodybuilder.

I had joined gyms countless times, read every muscle magazine and book I could find, tried every supplement out there, worked out everyday, ate like crazy to put on weight and nothing, I mean nothing really worked. Even when I'd see a little improvement, the gains would fade and so would my enthusiasm.

I would give up and then after a few months, I would try again thinking that this time would absolutely have to work. Each time despite my efforts, I would get frustrated with my lack of progress and lose focus.

But, I'm not writing this to tell you about my failure...

I'm writing to tell you how I finally achieved success! How I added over thirty pounds of solid muscle to my skinny body! You see I was going about everything all wrong. The books, the magazines, the trainers, the jocks at the gym all know nothing about the real truth to packing on slabs of muscle. It took me over ten years of trail and error to find out what it really takes to dramatically change your physique and build massive muscles fast, even for genetically average Joe's like me and you.

I'm far from being the best built guy in the world. But with what I've learned I only can get better and better every month. I've built a body I can be proud of.

I've never had so many people compliment me on the way I look and ask how on earth I made such an extraordinary change in my physique in such a short period of time. The truth was that I stumbled upon some cutting edge information. Information that supplement companies and muscle magazines would never reveal.

The first thing I did was share this information with my personal training clients. Soon they too started to change their bodies dramatically. Finally people started telling me to write this information down so they could get it out to others, so here it is now!

By reading this you'll be saving time and money, avoiding mistakes and disastrous situations, and learning secrets other people only wish they knew.


Would you like to know how to add more muscle without years of hard work? You will not find out how from physique magazines, they're geared to sell weight gain powders and make money off of you. If you want to join the few that have learned how to pack on muscle quickly you'll need to know these closely guarded secrets:

  • One thing you must do so you'll build muscle fast
  • NATURAL ways to boost your testosterone and growth hormone to build muscle
  • Exact diets to follow to gain muscle and weight fast, or even to build muscle while losing fat
  • The on and off method to pack on mass quickly
  • The secret that doubled my muscle growth
  • The exact exercises to do to create an awesome body fast. (no other exercises are needed)...most can be done at home with little equipment
  • How to hit each body part to create amazing results
  • How often to workout to make you grow faster
  • Learn the real truth behind supplements... which ones really work
  • Discover hidden tricks to speed growth
  • Nutrition tips only the top bodybuilders know
  • A mental motivation technique that helps you blast through stubborn growth periods
  • If you only can do one exercise this is one is a must...most people disregard this one and never make progress
  • And many more tips and secrets!

Unfortunately, all this information is not available in muscle magazines and books. That's because 95% of these books and magazines are printed by supplement companies. As a result, it's not unusual to find articles or information warped so that the company benefits in the end.

How many times have you read about "studies" done by "scientists" that show a certain supplement or pill "worked"? Then on the next page see that they CONVENIENTLY happen to have an advertisement for that product, with an endorsement from a bodybuilder or celebrity? Don't get me wrong - at times, these magazines are excellent sources of information. They occasionally have very accurate, thoughtful and intelligent articles. The problem is, however, that a person trying to find definitive answers can get confused very quickly and get tainted with inaccurate information and unscientific rumors. The supplement companies benefit - in terms of $$$ - from your confusion.

Unfortunately, this pattern does not give us any more answers, but only more questions, wasted time, frustration and empty wallets. How does one escape this cycle and find success? By using a unique system I have put together called "Muscles Express!".

You see what you have just read is only a small sample of the exciting information you will get when you use The Muscles Express! Program . You need this kind of straight-up information. If you truly want to put on muscle as fast as possible, then the information I'm offering you is CRUCIAL. The most exciting part is that you can get all this information in just a few minutes!

This ebook contains the results of years of research and features all of the tips, techniques and secrets are revealed in a step-by-step, easy to understand format. The ebook is one-of-a-kind and not found in bookstores. Muscle Express! is quickly becoming the most popular muscle building ebook on the internet.

Don't think you can just go to the gym and get some huge guy to workout with you and follow what he does. What works for him will not work for you. He could have great genetics or could be using drugs. I'm going to show you how to get around these obstacles, quickly and easily.

Over the past several years I've grown tired and have become frustrated with the information out there to help people like us. Everything that I know of is tainted and geared towards having you buy more pills or books or gimmicked exercise machines.

So, I've decided to become the solution to the problem and offer you the only tool you need to dramatically change your body fast!

Order now! I insist you do so entirely at my risk. That is why the ebook comes with a... No Risk, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with this 100% Money-Back Guarantee. What I mean is, I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken." Therefore, order this material today... read it, use it... if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply contact us for a refund of your purchase price. All I ask is that you try in for a full 60 days. You simply can't lose.

This essential system is normally priced at $97, but as a special "Internet introductory offer" it is available for a short time for only $37.00 That's less then what most people spend on one bottle of supplements! Just one of the tips and secrets will pay for the book. Believe it or not...

I find this to be the most exciting part.

If you order right now I will also send you seven exciting Free Bonuses.


A Secret To Gain Up To An Inch On your Upper Arms In Only 30 days!


How To Gain At Least 4 Pounds In One Month, With This Rediscovered Natural Weight Gain Trick!


You need lots of protein to make big gains and just to make sure that you keep some variety in your protein drinks, we are including fourteen tasty recipes for protein drinks that you can mix up quickly and easily in your blender. Delicious natural shake recipes, calorie dense to assist in anabolic recovery. Also high performance pre-workout drink formulas, to power you through your training.


How To Cycle Your Diet And Training For Out Of This World Results!


How To Gain Up To 29 Pounds In One Month With This Super Growth Exercise!


The Jealously-Guarded Secret To Muscle Hypertrophy!


FitBody Software allows you to keep track of your nutritional, fitness, and wellness records. By adding foods to meals throughout the day, FitBody compares the nutritional intake against one of ten user defined diet plans. The results are displayed in an interactive food label or on a bar graph display. Nutritional analysis can be performed on a meal, a day's meals, or over a specified period of time. FitBody also keeps track of your workout program by logging your exercises and charting your progress. Similar functionality is available in the wellness module which allows you to log your, blood pressure, cholesterol, recovery, etc.

And that's not all, In fact...

Once again I offer a NO RISK, 100% Unconditional Guarantee that it will work. This way you can order without feeling like this is an internet scam. I guarantee you will see significant and tangible results, if you adhere to the exercise and diet plans in the book for just 30 straight days. You will learn what most people never will. However, if you disagree and decide upon a refund you will get it. But you do have to try the system for the full 30 days first, and provide proof (training and diet journals) that you gave it an honest try.

The Muscle Express! Manual is an PDF eBook, also known as a digital book and there is no shipping charge because you download it instantly after you order! You then have the option of printing it out on your computer printer. You will get the ebook and all bonuses, available now for a limited time for only $37.00!

After you press the submit transaction button on the order screen, wait for the approval screen to come up and then click where is says "click here to continue" this will take you directly to the download site. It only takes a few minutes and then you'll be on your way to you're new body!

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The Muscle Express! eBook Only $37.00

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