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How to work up to 100 push ups

Most of us all know of the numerous different advantages one gets when doing push-ups. The improvement that it push-ups gives you is not only to your upper body strength but also to your general core strength has now been well proven. If you like the idea of being able to do 100 push-ups without stopping then all you need to make that happen is a plan.

Your plan needs to undoubtedly include a lot of discipline in a very structured routine that you need to work on every day and you will see that within a few short weeks you will be doing 100 push-ups and seeing the advantages and the many benefits that you get with this increased core strength.

Before you dive in and start the Hundred Push Ups Program, it is advised that you should first obtain medical advice and clearance from your doctor and only after that you need to do the initial push-ups test. This initial push-up test will highlight your current fitness level and determine where you should start and how to plan your push-ups training program.

To perform the test you simply execute as many good-form push-ups as you can. Don't cut corners and be careful not to cheat because the last thing you want to do is end up in the wrong level of the training program. The results may be very humbling, but honesty is the best policy if you want to maximize your strength gains.

Once you have collapsed in a sweaty heap on the floor and your arms have stopped trembling from the exertion, make a note (mental or otherwise) of exactly how many, or how few, push-ups you were able to perform. This initial figure that you get to is also vital and is the basis from which you will be working.

When doing the initial test your age is the telling factor in planning your strategy. Below is a general guideline that you can follow if you are wondering where you are on the scale generally then this will give you a good idea depending on your age.

Rank     Age 	< 40 years            40 - 55 years 	         > 55 years
Number of pushups performed in the initial test

1 	     0 - 5 	                     0 - 5 	            0 - 5
2 	     6 - 14 	                     6 - 12 	            6 - 10
3 	     15 - 29 	                    13 - 24 	           11 - 19
4 	     30 - 49 	                    25 - 44 	           20 - 34
5 	     50 - 99 	                    45 - 74 	           35 - 64
6 	     100 - 150                      75 - 124 	           65 - 99
7 	     150 & above 	            125 & above 	  100 & above
The bottom line is that you are trying to find your rank that you achieve when you first do the initial push-up test. You will then need to follow a specific program which you can easily access online for free. This 100 push-up program will guide you in an easy to follow step by step plan exactly what you need to do after you have done the initial test.

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