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What are 21s in Weightlifting

The 21s Training Technique

There are a lot of numbers to be familiar with in building the body and one that the old school lifters were familiar with was 21. That’s because 21 was a specific training technique that promoted muscle growth.

The number 21 in the training references the total amount of repetitions performed in the set. However, these are not full repetitions. The repetitions are broken down into 7s and performed in this manner – the first 7 reps focus on the bottom half of the range of motion, the second 7 reps focus on the top half of the range of motion, and the final 7 repetitions focus on the full range of motion.

The 21's technique can be used on virtually any exercise but it has been most readily applied to the curl. Here is how it would work with the barbell or dumbbell curl. You start by curling the bar upward from your thigh level to about the middle of your waist region, then lower it back down again. Do this at a moderate pace for seven consecutive repetitions. After the seventh repetition you then curl the bar from waist level all the way up to shoulder level. Lower the bar down to waist level, and then curl up to the shoulder again, all at a moderate pace. Finally you lower the weight on the seventh repetition and switch over to full range of motion for the final seven repetitions.

21s Workout Benefits

Benefits of 21s Training Technique

The 21s technique really elevates the tension on any muscle that is being targeted. The 21s training allows for a deep concentration on all aspects of the repetition. You can also obtain incredible pumps using the 21s style action. The first few workouts on the 21 effort are quite taxing and intense and you will soon learn to appreciate how powerful just one set of these 21s can be. After a few workouts get into more sets. You may find that just two sets of 21s are enough to blow your muscles out in a big way.

Experiment by using this technique on different exercises. You can even use it on body weight movements such as the push up.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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