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3x3 Training Program

The 3x3 training program is oriented toward the powerlifting angle of weight lifting. But don't tune out if bodybuilding is more your style because a powerlifting cycle can provide a big boost to both strength and size. And that is what the 3x3 training routine is a cycle of powerlifting style work.

The 3x3 training cycle is sometimes divided into two phases a high volume phase and then what some lifters use as a competitive phase, or preparation for a contest or a maximum lift. In this scheme the high volume phase actually features the first few workouts at a higher repetition range, a range that powerlifters might consider high but not so for bodybuilders. This translates into 5-6 reps per set for 5-6 sets per exercise. After this phase (which lasts a few weeks) you move into the 3x3 rep and set range.

Others simply go directly into the three sets of thee reps range and stay there for the entire cycle.

The 3x3 program is comprised of using 3 sets of 3 repetitions, which allows you to gear toward maximum weight loads.

What you use the 3x3 on varies. Some use it strictly with powerlifting movements (squat, bench press and deadlift) while others use exercises such as weighted pull ups, barbell curls, bent rows and military presses in their 3x3 routine, and some even get more extensive than that.

The 3x3 program is usually performed multiple times a week, working the same muscle areas with a day or so off between the workouts. Sometimes the lifters will employ one day for super heavy work and others where the lifting is not quite so heavy.

A good warm up is vital when using the 3x3 program because you move into using heavy weights for all the working sets.

The 3x3 program puts you on the path to building some serious strength into your body by using the powerlifting approach to lifting. The significant difference in training protocol can be just the switch you need to turn on some new strength gains and the muscle growth that goes with it.

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