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Ann-Marie Crooks Tribute Page


Ann-Marie is not only a Top Ranked Bodybuilder, she is an exeptional human being, willing to give of herself to help others. Ann-Marie is also a person who knows how to turn any adversity into a positive force. These are the attributes that define a successful life.

1. I have read that you had a pretty tough childhood in Jamaica. More often than not, the rags to riches stories you hear began with a childhood dream. Did you have one? What was it?
Its very difficult to recall my childhood dreams from that age. And I wouldn't say I had a tough childhood. Jamaica is full of fond memories for me, and it is where I intend to reside when I am done with my goals here. I came to US when I was 11 years old. Our lifestyle is completely different in Jamaica than it is in the United States, so I don't really think I had any dreams that I bought with me to America. My dreams and ambitions were formed after I had been living here for a while.

2. What was your first impression of life in the United States once you arrived?
Well it was my first time seeing snow. I lived in Connecticut for the first 5 years of my stay in the States. But the thing that has been forced on me the most is the prejudice in the American society. That is probably the most lasting and one of the first things that I realized when I arrived here.

3. While in the Air Force, in the "Chunky Chicken Program" (unjustly) and first started seeing the result of your training, did you, (as most of us have done) look at magazines and photos of the pros to draw inspiration?
No, I didn't. I was stationed in Bitburg Germany. Those magazines were not really accessible on the base, and I had other interests in mind at the time.

4. Who were your BBing Heroes back then?
I will have to say Cory Everson.

5. Other than your Mom, and your Man, who are your Heroes now?
My brother who left this Earth 3 years ago. HE was one of the biggest inspirations in my life, not to mention one of my biggest supporters. Everything I do in life and all my endeavors are in honor of him and because he believed in me.

6. What would you say to those who are reading this, and are just beginning to work out?
Don't give up! Training/bodybuilding isn't an immediately gratifying sport as so many others are. IT takes months, even years to achieve a level of development that you will be satisfied with. There will be temptations to take the short cut way there, but try to resist it. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that your physique has come from hard work!

7. Many people get discouraged the first few weeks when it seems nothing is happening. Any advise?
Remember, all good things take time. If it came easily, the journey to get there wouldn't be worth it!

8. When you put together a new workout, what are your main concerns?
Getting enough rest! I train 2 days on and 1 day off. and I take an hour nap everyday! That way I get enough rest. People fail to realize that you don't grow when you are training, but rather when you are resting and your body goes about its task of repairing and rebuilding. If you don't get enough don't grow..period!

9. When looking for supplements, what should people take into consideration? What to look for, and what you don't want or need?
I don't think that a person who isn't competitive needs to take more than a good multivitamin/mineral supplement and maybe some aminos. Supplements are expensive, and why pay for things that really aren't going to benefit you in the way it would an elite athlete in the sport. Also check around and ask people you know who are getting results what particular brand they are using...there are so many brands and supplements on the market today, you just don't know which are any good anymore.

10. What is your view on steroids? (Hot Topic: don't have to answer if you don't desire.)
Whew! I knew this was coming up sooner or later Actually, I am pretty verbal on my stance on steroids. "To each his/her own". I don't pass judgment, its not my health or my body that is being abused. People naturally assume that all bb's are on steroids, and the fact is MOST are..but not ALL. The problem with the sport is that people have forgotten about genetics. IT still has a lot to do with your success in the bb game. Steroids can help you get bigger, but they cant make up for shortcoming in your frame and structure ( i.e. thick waist, short biceps, etc.). If someone chooses to use them, my only advice is that you at least give your body a "realistic" chance to build up to your genetic potential before you start using drugs. You may be surprise at what your own body is capable of. The only thing is, it will take a few years the natural way. I have been training for 12 years, and it was worth every bit of the wait!

11. Virtually all BBers have days when they just don't feel like it. What do you do on those days?
I just don't go. I listen to my body. Its funny how people will call in sick from work, but they wont miss a workout if the body is telling them it needs a break.

12. Something we have in common: computers and motorcycles. An odd combination. What sparked your interest in each?
I have always been into unconventional things; well in the aspect of being female. I grew up with 2 brothers and so most of my friends have always been, and still are male. I took computers initially in 9th grade ( leaning basic programming, etc.); then I got away from it after high school. I used it in my varying jobs since high school and college, but I really got into the whole "online" thing 2 years ago when I got this computer for my birthday. As for younger brother had a ninja 600 when he was in jr.high school. That was my first time being around them. I was intrigued by the stunts he did, and vowed one day I would get one. And I did. My first bike was a 750, I bought a nine hundred in 94, and I love it! Its rare to see a female on a crotch rocket.. but when you do, you know she is something special!

13. Where would you like to be 10 years from now?
I would like to be doing movies. I also would like to have at least one child and hopefully be living in Jamaica again.

14. What would you be doing if you weren't in bodybuilding?
I would be involved in a field with animals and/or computers. I still would be involved in sports, and it would probably be motorcycle racing.

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