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Bodybuilding Diet and Nutrition

Bodybuilding Diet and Nutrition Bodybuilding diet, what is the best one to follow? I want to make it perfectly clear that you must gain muscle in order to burn body fat. That's how the metabolism works. It is a simple biological fact of life. And even with all the exercise in the World, you can NEVER build as much muscle NOR burn as much fat as you can RIGHT NOW if you would ONLY start eating right for a change. If you want to look right and feel right, you'll listen to me and eat right.

Bodybuilding diet is all about food and doesn't matter if you are on the Zone, Atkins, Suzanne Somers or even Bill Phillips Body For Life, it's all about the food. How you put your meals together is what effects your tomorrow and affected your past.

Bodybuilding diet, you think this means success is achieved through a restrictive diet of rabbit food and dry chicken or tuna with hours upon hours of aerobic exercise, YOU ARE MISLED AND INCORRECT. It should and can be a lot easier than that.

Bodybuilding diet is not as basic as merely removing soda pop, candy bars or pastries from your cupboards (although think about it, if bacteria won't digest a cup cake and make it moldy then what makes you think your stomach will), what you are about to discover is that something as 'harmless' as eating chicken breast with brown rice, fresh broccoli and organic olive oil is JUST as IN-digestible as your junk food.

I know what you are thinking. There is no denying that those foods are all great for you but no matter how organic or natural you think these things are, eating them together at the same meal is POISONOUS to your internal systems. Bold statement, I know. But it's true. What you read in Shape Magazine, heard on the radio or saw elsewhere on 20/20 is not going to make it any less true.

To grasp this, you first need to understand that proper nutrition is essential to our survival, not just something we pay attention to in order to avoid fat guts, regulate our failing hormones or fix bad IN-digestion. Ever been on a supposedly special meal plan or tried a new supplement but still experienced painful gas? THAT my friends, is still Indigestion Indigestion as in INCOMPLETE digestion. If it doesn't feel good, IT IS NOT GOOD....

Food was meant to be placed in the mouth, chewed, recognized by the brain, chewed long enough for the belly to release the appropriate acids to break it down (yes, there are different acids that break down different foods inside of you) once it is swallowed, it then gets turned to mush and sits there until another meal pushes it through where the nourishment gets absorbed. Repeat...

Face it. If exercise and fat burners are the only solutions we have left, then why haven't you succeeded yet? Why are you still trying to scrape and crawl towards your goals? Because food is the foundation of life; speed tablets and powders are not.


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