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Natural Bodybuilding, Drug Free Training and Nutrition

Natural Bodybuilding This page is dedicated providing unbiased information on natural bodybuilding, to promote natural training and the natural lifestyle and give advice about training and diet for drug free trainees . We will updating the site and adding more information, so check back often.

A good goal for a natural bodybuilder is: For weight gain 7-12 pounds muscle a year. For arm gains a inch a year is good. Hey I can put 2 inches on my arms in 1 year, but that does not mean it is all muscle. Heck I lost ĺ " on them so far after dieting (which is fat and I expected to lose some size). But, they look bigger now that they are pure muscle.

When you bulk up in weight, you got to have your body fat tested before and after. Do not go above 14-16%. You will regret it. As a rule of thumb, go up 10-15 pounds and then diet to the previous BF level.

Do not pile on extra weight every time you workout. Go up in a maximum of 5 pounds or less. Some people pile on 40 pounds in a week and then use sloppy form to compensate. Do not do that.

Keep a training log of what you do each workout. Plan to gain 15-20 pounds on your bench in 1-2 months. That is a good goal.

When you get to a sticking point do not pile on more weight! Instead go down in weight a little (20-25 pounds) and then get your reps up again. Then add a little weight every week, until you get to the sticking point. Then try to get more reps. For example say are stuck at 200 for 6 reps. You would then go to 180 for 8-10 reps. Then week after week you add 5 pounds, until you get to 200. It is almost like a car in 5th gear going up hill and the engine bogs down. You would then want higher rpmís so you down shift.

Take your time, you can lead your body to the gym, but you canít get it to grow unless you let it recover. If you feel like crap then take a day or two off. It does not hurt, it does not kill your previous gains and it is good for you.

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