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Rheo Blair Bodybuilding Nutrition

Rheo Blair is known in the bodybuilding world as the man who invented protein powder. He was born in New Jersey on October 9, 1921. As a child he was sickly. He spent a lot of his time researching about nutrition and exercise to help improve his own health. He then made a move to Chicago, Illinois and started a bodybuilding gym. He soon became very well known for developing a powered protein mix called Hi-Protein. He was selling this supplement in the many of top muscle magazines, one of them being Iron Man. He was able to take regular people and make them into winning bodybuilders in record time. There were no steroids used.

He made his way to California and became a nutritionist. Some actors and actresses and bodybuilders followed him and took his advice. He would give them a high protein diet made of lean meats, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruit. You would have to take a protein of milk and eggs mixed with some fruits for a bit of flavor, three times a day. With every meal enzyme supplements and hydrochloric acid was to be taken to help the person digest the protein. You could build muscle and lose fat on this program.

He would experiment with the bodybuilders and put some of them on different diets to see what would happen and how well it would work. Some bodybuilders would have a milk and egg diet and others would have an all meat diet. It would be a meat and water diet for one or three days, never for one week. Being on this type of diet, the bodybuilder was not to expect to gain any muscle.

Having the milk and egg protein diet was going to build muscle. The ones that were on the meat diet, if they have too much phosphorus from the meats that would cause the person to be a bit shaky. That would then bring on anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and fatigue. He found out that the correct way to do this was to have three ounces of his protein that provided 1100 mg of calcium and 675 mg. of phosphorus. He would continue to learn what worked and what didnít work.

He learned that lactose was going to be an important ingredient in his program. Milk sugar would produce a lot of B-Vitamins and would help the intestinal bacteria to grow. The lactose helped keep the body from converting proteins into carbohydrates. Doing this, lean muscle tissue was going to build. He taught the bodybuilder so much when he was here and studying all about bodybuilding.


Rheo H. Blair

RHEO H BLAIR And The Secrets Of Bodybuilding Nutrition

Rheo H Blair has been the only true genius in the history of bodybuilding nutrition. He invented protein powder and his nutritional program is the stuff of legends. Some of the greatest bodybuilders of the 1950s, 60s and 70s used his protein supplement and followed his program to achieve the best shape of their lives. Among his success stories are the legendary Larry Scott, Dave Draper, Gable Paul Boudreaux, Steve Davis, Stan Brice, Frank Zane, Don Howorth and many others.

In this in-depth report - the most complete source in print on the Rheo Blair Program - you'll discover:

  • Rheo H. Blair: The Genius of Bodybuilding Nutrition
  • Exactly what was in Blair's Protein - and what made it so effective
  • The one major component of Blair's Protein Powder missing from virtually every protein or meal replacement powder on the market today - and how you can easily add it to the product you are currently using for just a few cents a day.
  • What carbohydrate Blair considered essential to building lean muscle mass
  • How the champs used Blair's Program to pack on lean muscle mass
  • How to use Blair's Program to lose bodyfat and maintain muscle. (One world-famous champ used Blair's Program to lose 90 lbs. of fat in just 8 months! You'll find out who that bodybuilder was and exactly how he did it.)
  • What other supplements Blair manufactured and recommended
  • Blair's $1,000 secret for "cooking" eggs to maintain nutritional value
  • How to use Blair's Program with todays protein powders and supplements (including a list of recommended protein powder and how to buy Blair's Protein Powder today!)

Blair was a true pioneer. Most of his secrets were lost after his death - until now. With this information, you can build a legendary body the Rheo H Blair way!


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