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Teen Bodybuilding - Training Strategies, Diet, Supplements

Teen Bodybuilding Bodybuilding an early age can be very beneficial, as it can establish a strong base from on which they can build in the years to come. The idea that weight training stunts growth is a myth. Weight training will develop your muscles, but it has no affect on your height. Height is determined by your genetics. That said, I still don't recommend teens use very heavy low rep training or try to max out with single reps.

Teen bodybuilding tips:

1. Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you are overweight, have high blood pressure, or have any other medical conditions.

2. Be realistic with your training. Don't start out to hard; make a program that you can keep on a regular basis. It's better to start out at three 45-60 minute sessions a week than to start by training two hours a day.

3. Start training your cardiovascular system. Run, swim, bike, etc. at least three times a week and work up to at least 30 minutes or more per session to condition your heart and lungs

4. Vary your workouts. Don't keep the same routine for months and months. For your mind and body, change your routines every four to six weeks. This will keep you interested, and is good for your muscles. (Changing your routine will cause your muscles to be confused from what they are familar with, and will promote new growth.)

5. At the beginning, use weights of about half your maximum effort. After training awhile increase to about two-thirds of your maximum effort. The last week in each program, you should be up to about 90% of your maximum in the rep range of 8 to 12 reps.

6. Rest when you need to. If you feel tired, cut back each exercise by one set or drop back on weights or reps. You should feel fired up after a workout and ready to go for the next session. Listen to your body; if you don't you can end up injured.

7. Work on your weaknesses. Too many people work only on their strengths and don't make overall improvement. The best bodybuilders concentrate on weak areas to achieve overall balance and symmetry.

8. When you're exercising, mentally concentrate on the body part you're trying hit and make it do as much work as possible.

9. Wear shoes while training to prevent injury to the feet.

10. Take some pictures of yourself. That way you will be able to see your progress.

11. Take your measurements using tailor's tape measuring your:

- Height and Weight
- Neck
- Shoulder width
- Chest, inflated and deflated (put the tape around at the nipples)
- Arms Triceps/Biceps (measure perpendicularly around the widest part)
- Forearms
- Waist (put the tape just above the naval)
- Thigh, flexed, (right below the butt)
- Calves flexed

12. Don't focus entirely on bodybuilding. Try to work on all aspects of your life(mental, social, and spiritual) All these things are equally important, and you are only as strong as your weakest link.

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