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Ahmad Haidar Tribute Page

Ahmad Haidar Picture

Ahmad Ali Haidar was born April 10, 1968 in Beirut, Lebanon and has quickly made a name for himself and developed a fan base which have nicknamed him Abzilla because of his astonishingly sharp abs that he always presents with when competing.

He first started competing as a professional bodybuilder in 1977 and has since become a fully-fledged IFBB professional bodybuilder. He certainly started off his career with a bang because he won his first professional competition which was the World Championships.

He then joined the IFBB and competed successfully over the years and then decided to enter his first Mr. Olympia in 1998 where he took 16th place. He also entered his first Arnold Classic in 2000 where he placed 12th. But he was not done and we saw him back on the Mr Olympia stage in 2002 where he came 13th.

Ahmad then took a short break from competing and we only saw him again onstage in the early part of 2009 where he placed 5th at the Ironman Pro Invitational. It was his placing at the Ironman, which is what qualified him for another shot at the 2009 Mr. Olympia.

Ahmad is one of those genetically gifted bodybuilders that we see every 20 years in the same caliber as Mohamed Makkaway or Chris Dickinson as he is also short standing at 5'6". His has an off season weight of around 250lbs and competes at 220 lbs.

Ahmad Haidar Workout

Ahmad is now over 40 years old and has learned the hard way what type of training works for him and what does not. He says that the only way that he gets his body to grow muscles in the perfect proportion that he is looking for is with constant variation so he created a system for this.

He trains his whole body Monday to Friday and then takes two days off, but when he comes back the next week he will be doing slightly different exercises. For example his first day his will do chest and triceps, followed by legs the next, shoulders and triceps the day after that, with back and traps the following day.

But the week after that he will plan his workout sequence differently and Haidar will use three different chest routines which he will rotate sequentially with each workout. His first chest workout is flat-bench presses, incline dumbbell presses, flat dumbbell flyes and standing cable crossovers.

For his next chest workout, the order will change to incline barbell presses, flat dumbbell presses, incline dumbbell flyes and finishes with standing cable crossovers or decline presses. The movement he selects for the last exercise is determined by whether he feels his chest needs more pump or more fatigue at that point.

Ahmad would then add a third variation on the start of the third week and would then do this for his complete body and always make sure that he is constantly shocking his body into growth. Physiologically this makes perfect sense and it can be scientifically explained why this type of training works so well.

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