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Amy Peter is a little blond bombshell with brains because at only 5'2" she is the true meaning of dynamite coming in small packages. She comes fully loaded with blue eyes and a perfect muscular body to match. This babe not only has a degree in Kinesiology but also has a degree in Nutrition. She doesn't look like it but the stage terrifies her yet she still loves to compete.

One just needs to think of the gifted people of our species and we look to women like Amy Peters. She has a discipline and works a training routine that does not require the changing of her diet for an upcoming competition. In her own words she just does a bit more cardio and she is ready.

Amy was born in Arlington Texas where she says she never really had any hobbie while growing up. But when joining her mom at gym every day after school she soon became addicted to training hard. She has certainly made a difference and has won a national title more than once.

2003 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic 1st Place Figure Short Division

2002 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic 2nd Place Figure Short Division

2002 NPC Heart of Texas 1st Place Figure Short Division and Overall Winner

That was just the start of her career as a physique competitor as she continues to compete and will no doubt rise to the top like the cream of the crop that she is. She currently lives with her husband in Lewisville, Texas. She has a dog called Hopey and no plans for kids just yet.

The training that she does which is with her training partner and inspiration Sheron Kestler who is also a light-weight competitive bodybuilder is planned by herself and her partner. She explains that being a competitive athlete is a lot more than just eating right and training right.

She says that it is all about the presentation and how and when you do a quarter turn. She says that attention to the smallest detail is vitally important and you can lose a competition just because you did not do a quarter turn correctly.

Amy Peters currently holds three jobs down and has a plan to drop the bartender job as she feels that she can soon get her pro card. Amy says that genetically she has no backside so she has become the Queen of squats at her gym and will always be found at the squat rack.

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