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25 Anniversary Pumping Iron DVD For Sale

Originally released in 1977, chronicling the early heyday of the sport, "Pumping Iron" is an intimate look into the sport's intensely-scrutinized subculture,and gives viewers a glimpse into a world rarely seen. The movie follows a group of elite competitors, led by perennial "godfather" to the sport, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as they prepare for the 1975 Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia competitions.

Schwarzenegger, the reigning Mr. Olympia, at the time of its filming, expresses a side of himself that was relatively unseen and delivers a humorous and compassionate persona long-forgotten by those who identify him with his robust, action-star career. The movie delves into the focus, intensity, dedication and physical punishment required to become a bodybuilding champion, while highlighting the whimsical, comedic interaction between competitors behind the rivalries.

The sport's competitive nature is also in full display, as it dives, further, into the battle between Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo and a young, up-and-coming Lou Ferrigno, among others. The rivalry between Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno is accentuated with an almost "Godzilla vs. King Kong" sensitivity.

"Pumping Iron" helped set in motion the beginning of a new era for the sport. It launched the careers of some of today's biggest and brightest stars in bodybuilding, movies and politics. It also fostered a new legion of fans and bodybuilding worshipers, which have continued to bolster the livelihood of the sport.

"Pumping Iron" was, is and will continue to be the standard by which all other sports documentaries strive to imitate. It is, not only, a rare look behind the curtain of a world now filled with "mass monsters," steroids and other performance enhancing substances, long before the terms and their results crept into mainstream vernacular and limelight.

On this 25th Anniversary DVD, there is no shortage of humor, conflict and bodybuilding substance. However, the human interaction between the participants and their respective drives to succeed more than make this a movie worth watching.

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