Barbarian Brothers Workout

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Barbarian Brothers Workout Routine

barbarian brothers workout
Bodybuilding's power twins – the Barbarians, David and Peter Paul

Who are the "Barbarian Brothers" Peter and David Paul?

Right around the time that Arnold Schwarzenegger's epic hit, Conan the Barbarian, hit the screen, another type of barbarian arrived on the gym scene. Or make that two – the Paul twins. They were bodybuilders who happened to use stupendous amounts of weight every time they hit the gym. And they were a hit. Everyone around had to check out what the Barbarians were up to. They didn't win any Mr. Olympia titles but became as famous as any top titleholder out there.

Like Arnold, the Paul brothers used their bodybuilding fame to step into Hollywood. They didn't go as far as Arnold, but did get into film, being a surprise hit in D.C. Cab and they also appeared in The Flamingo Kid, Think Big, Twin Sitters and in an episode of Knight Rider. They also had their own movie, aptly titled "The Barbarians".

As with most of the main bodybuilders of the early 80's, they arrived at Gold's main gym and took root there. The Barbarians had one of the most distinct styles in the sport, showing up with bandanas, boots and looking more like lumberjacks with a mullet than gym rats. Their size was listed as 6 feet and 6'1", body weight 235 and 245 pounds, and sporting 20 1/2 inch necks along with 59 inch chests. That chest size is as big as anything around, including the top professional bodybuilders.

What is the Barbarian Brothers workout routine?

The Barbarians were credited with saying there is no such thing as overtraining, just under-eating. And that sums up their philosophy of bodybuilding, doing everything on a grand scale. The Barbarians lifted heavy weight to the accompaniment of much screaming and yelling. They would perform movements such as the behind the head press with massive weight loads (well over 300 pounds in this movement) and reportedly did it without the best form. One of their trademark moves was a reverse grip bench press with a heavy load aboard. They also used super heavy dumbbell movements.

The Barbarians training approach was a split routine – working one main big bodypart in the morning and returning to the gym later to focus on a smaller bodypart in the evening. They did this for six days a week. This split allowed them to focus in on each body part for a maximum overload.

The Barbarians ate as big as they trained. They reportedly went through three dozen eggs a day (apiece!) and 8,000 calories a day. That egg count would amaze even Vince Gironda.

What the Barbarian’s brought to bodybuilding was a radical power approach, along with radical attire to go with it, and finally, radical attitudes.

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