Barbell Hack Squat Benefits

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Hacking into the Hack Squat

There is an exercise that is a great tool for working the thighs but often goes overlooked. This move is the hack squat. The hack squat is a great way to train the lower body, providing direct and pointed stimulation to the quads. A few sets of this and you realize it is a serious leg training exercise.

Thighs, Thighs, Thighs

One of the key advantages of the hack squat is that it does one thing it works the thighs. Most leg exercises work quite a few different muscles and get things like the low back and the buttocks involved. Not so with the hack squat. Its sole mission is to build up the thighs as the reps are pumped out. If you want thigh size, you want the hack squat to go to work for you.

Avoiding Great Big Glutes

The hack squat is also a great tool for the guys who are trying to avoid building up their glutes. Exercises like the squat not only build the thighs but also cause the glutes to expand. Vince Gironda even had his trainees avoid the squat for this reason. The hack squat lets you zero in on the thighs and skips the glute building action. So if you are concerned about the size of your glutes, the hack squat is the tool for you as it lets you work the thighs and avoid the size in your rear.

The hack squat is an overlooked but fantastic training exercise so consider adding it to your next leg training routine.

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