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Berry DeMey Tribute Page

Berry DeMey Picture

Berry Demey is certainly no ordinary bodybuilder although he is still today known for his perfect proportions rather than his sheer muscle mass he is still one of the best all time bodybuilders we have seen on stage. Berry was born in Holland on February 23, 1962.

Berry is 6'1" and he competes at around 225 pounds his nickname in the bodybuilding community is "The Flexing Dutchman" and he got his perfectly proportioned body and came up slowly through the bodybuilding ranks with hard gut busting workouts.

Just like Bob Paris and Steve Reeves, DeMey had or still has the typical cover-model looks but he was a lot more than just another pretty boy with a good body. Berry is and always has been a totally dedicated trainer and he has earned every ounce of his muscles the hard way.

Berry DeMey Workout

He is reported to have used the Eastern European method of doing heavy single reps to increase his mass. As mentioned above Berry was known more for shape than for mass but the point is that his shape and his proportioned he showed on stage seemed to be perfect.

Berry showed us something unique in the bodybuilding world because every body-part is in such a perfect proportion to the rest of his body that he always looked like a living sculpture when posing as a bodybuilder. It was suggested on a forum by a fan that there are more artistic photos taken of Berry DeMey than of any other bodybuilder in recent times.

Berry has not always trained the way he trains now and as seen above he strongly believed in doing 1RM when training but he certainly does not do that anymore. Now that he is over 50 years old he still trains 3 or 4 times a week using a rather unusual split routine.

On a Monday he would train chest, shoulders and triceps for what he calls 100% and 20% back and biceps. He then would do legs on Wednesdays where he would do calves and abs as well. On Friday he would do back and biceps 100% and chest, shoulders and triceps 20%.

Berry still believes in doing some cardio separately in the morning of evening 3 time a week. Berry explains that he only does a maximum 3 exercises per body part when training 100% and only 1 exercise when training 20%. He said he trains so that he will achieve his maximum power in 2 or 3 sets when training 100%.

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