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Bill Pearl Tribute Page

Bill Pearl Picture

William Arnold "Bill" Pearl was born in Prineville, Oregon on October 31, 1930 and is one of the very few bodybuilders that can claim to be responsible for the rise in bodybuilding to be as popular as it is today.

He not only won Mr. Universe 5 times but also was one of the first bodybuilders to pose to music and has written many books on bodybuilding. He has beaten the very best including names like Frank Zane, Reg Park and Sergio Oliva.

Bill also did a strongman show as well as a posing routine where he would perform to the public. From bending license plates and pennies to blowing up hot water bottles he did a lot to get muscles recognized as an attraction.

Bill Pearl Workout

Bill believes in volume training and says that if you want to put on muscle you need to do about 20 sets per body-part, split between 4 different exercises. He believes that you should stick to doing 6 to 8 reps only.

In fact in one of his books Bill has published a very specific program that tells you exactly how to get a champion body in 20 months of hard training. Bill himself has a very strange training style.

He would train 6 days a week and on Monday Wednesday and Friday he would train all his muscle groups for just one exercise using 6 sets for each. Not resting long between sets and pushing for more reps all the time.

He would then do 20 sets each for back and chest on Tuesdays and 20 sets for legs and shoulders on Thursdays. It should be noted that 20 sets is done for each body-part and not in total.

If we split up the amount of times that Bill trains a body-part it would be every day for some of them. Bill freely admits that there are four muscle groups that he trains six days per week for 6 sets of one different exercise each day.

These are the Forearms, Abs, Leg Biceps and the Neck. He says he would train at about 85-90% of maximum and complete 30 sets per hour or 1 set every two minutes always. Bill said that he would always keep his reps between 6 to 10 reps per body part. Bill explains that as he starts to grow stronger using the same weight he will up the reps. This would be done slowly as he gets used the weight until he has reached 15 reps for the upper body and 25 reps for the legs.

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