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Muscle Anatomy For Bodybuilders

The Anatomy of a Bodybuilder

Anatomy for bodybuilders means being informed as to which muscle is where and the most effective methods of building the various muscle groups. It could seem a bit too much data to take in all at once, therefore while read this information, use a mirror for locating each of the muscles you learn about as you go along. While working out, you'll find it's extremely useful to have an understanding of your own anatomy.

We all know where our neck is, right? Let's start there. You'll find there are 2 basic muscles in the neck which you'll want to concentrate on while working out. The one that goes downward, starting at the nape, and continuing to your shoulder is your upper trapezius. Your levator scapulae goes next to your 1st 5 or 6 cervical vertebrae of the neck.

Your trapezius muscle goes along the back starting at your nape (of the neck), and continuing to each of both sides of your spine. Bodybuilders refer to those as your "trap muscles".

Your deltoid muscles will be found in the shoulders. Your shoulder's front part is your anterior delt, your middle delt goes along the side of your shoulder, and your posterior deltoid muscle goes along the back of your shoulder. Your rotator cuff muscles run immediately beneath your anterior delt, starting at your armpit and continuing straight outward.

The chest muscles are your pectorals.

The triceps are muscles found in the arms which go along the side of each arm starting at your shoulders and continuing to your elbows. However the inner side of each arm is where your biceps are. Also extremely distinctive muscles are found in your forearms.

Your body's stomach region is called the abdominal area, and this is why the muscles located there are known as the "abs", for short.

The upper front part of each leg is where your "quads" (i.e., quadriceps) are located. Whereas in the back part of your legs, you've got the hamstrings in the thighs and the calf muscles in the lower legs.

You should also concentrate on other muscles such as the glutes (i.e., your buttocks), your lats (in the upper part of your back) and your low back muscles (your "lower trap").

Understanding anatomy while you're going through a workout routine is vital so as to be able to build muscle mass efficiently. Knowing where your muscles are and what they do will help you to direct your focus while working out and shape your muscles effectively.

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