Bodybuilding and Insulin Use

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Dangers of Using Insulin for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders Shouldn’t Use Insulin

Of the various hormones made naturally in the body, the one that the pancreas produces is called insulin. The gland responds to a high level of sugar in the blood by secreting this substance. The regulation of the body’s blood-sugar levels is this organ’s primary function. This is of course a vital process of the human body. On the other hand, taking insulin for the purpose of bodybuilding is an issue surrounded by controversy, since to use it is considered to be essentially using steroids and the purpose of its use is the enhancement of a muscle growing regime.

If the level of sugar in the blood is high, insulin will work to raise the amount of glucose that's stored. Glucose gives your body energy. The advantage gained by bodybuilders taking insulin is that they'’re provided with a higher amount of energy and this gives them the ability to easily do workouts that are more intense and lengthy. Though insulin makes for an anabolic bodily environment that’s conducive, it could really cause more damage than benefit.

Diabetics' bodies aren't able to make the insulin they need and that's the reason they have to either use insulin injections or take control of their insulin levels through dietary means. If someone isn't diabetic, using insulin at a time that it isn't needed would result in their pancreas ceasing the natural production of it. Can you guess what that results in? Such a person basically becomes diabetic!

Sad but true, the realm of bodybuilders is an area where insulin availability isn't hard to come by—it's yours for the asking! It's taken as an injection one time daily and it's frequently used for bulking up prior to a bodybuilders contest by serious bodybuilders.

Insulin "force feeds" sugar into the muscular tissue. Increasing the sugar level allows for a more lengthy training session before becoming too tired, however it also would do damage to the ability of the body to produce insulin naturally.

I'’s highly advisable to always avoid using synthetic chemicals as part of a regime for building the body. Your health comes first, and taking control of your appearance never truly requires that your health be compromised. Insulin is needed by the body, but only in certain amounts. Too much is just as bad as too little.

If diabetics find that taking insulin is a necessity, that in no way means it's safe for non-medical purposes. A bodybuilder could even find themselves adversely affected by the drug to the point of no longer being able to participate in the sport.

Insulin abused in this way has even been a factor in the case of major health issues such as increased rate of respiration, high blood pressure, and comas! Why risk it? Instead, build your body naturally.

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