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Working the Neck Muscles

Steve Reeves was considered one of the most perfectly developed bodybuilders of all time and that was due to his excellent proportions. Reeves neck, calves and biceps were all the same size Ė a real rarity. Most guys can get their biceps up there, but struggle with the calves. And the neck typically goes totally neglected.

Fast Responder

The good news for those contemplating training the neck (and yes, you need to build up your neck) is that the neck responds rapidly and you can fill your neck muscle areas out fast. You should see notable change in just a few months effort on the neck.

Strap Up

You donít need a thousand dollar machine to build up the neck. A simple neck strap will do the trick.

You can perform the regular raise from the front with the neck strap from a seated position. Start off with a light weight and then work up to ever heavier loads. This is the primary neck move so once you get going donít be shy about working the neck hard with this move. This movement works the muscles at the back of the neck.

Use the strap for the reverse neck lift. You lie prone on an incline bench with the incline position low, and the strap across your face, weight behind you. You lift the weight up with your front neck muscles.

For the side neck muscles you simply use the neck strap with a cable pulley and a light weight load. Work both sides of the neck.

When working the neck use a higher repetition range (10-20) for each set. Always get a good range of motion.

Work all angles of the neck as noted in this article and watch how you get an awesome pump in your neck.

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