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Fast & Dynamic Warm Up

Although you may be in a hurry to get right into your workout when you get to the gym, it pays to put in a little time warming your body up prior to the workout. And this short sacrifice of time can in turn help you lift better and lift more weight.

Many guys make the mistake of performing a static stretch to warm the body up. This is the wrong path as static stretching can actually hinder your training. Instead, all near term pre-workout warm up movements should be dynamic in nature. Static stretching is beneficial when performed apart from weight lifting. That is, separate the two. What you want for a dynamic workout is dynamic warming up.

You don't have to get too sophisticated to get in a good warm up. Start with a couple of sets of jumping jacks each 20 seconds in length. Then do some alternate forward steps while encircling your body with your arms again, for 20 seconds. From here you can switch to movements that mimic the training action you will be doing. For example, if you plan to perform squats, then do some body weight only squats to get the knees limber. And take some advice from the best bodybuilding squatter of all-time Tom Platz. He advises that you should stomp your legs to get the nerves in the thighs ready to go.

Do the same thing for whatever major muscle group you aim at working on make the movements dynamic, then get into your working sets.

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