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Brad Hollibaugh Tribute Page

Brad Hollibaugh Picture

Brad Holibaugh was born in Clarkston, Washington on 11/23/72 and now lives in Dallas Texas with his wife and two children. Brad started out as a wrestler but soon started with bodybuilding to get stronger and he saw the results that he got from getting stronger.

Rated as one of the strongest bodybuilders of all time he has developed a very serious training routine that uses an enormous amount of weight that he trains with. Often accepting challenges in his neighborhood, which he rules with an iron fist.

Brad sells a DVD series where he has recorded these challenges from people who think they are stronger than him and all ending with a defeat of his challenger with ease. His sheer strength is astounding and at a height of 5'9" with an off season bodyweight of around 310 and competing at 260 pounds you can see why.

He is famous all over the world for his 25-inch arms and those huge 23-inch calves that he has. Although Brad has not been competing for a long time starting with a 11th place at the 1999 NPC USA Championships and 14th the previous year he has also placed second at the 2003 NABBA USA BB Championships in Middletown, PA.

But there is a good reason why Brad no longer competes because as he explained the judging is completely fixed and the NABBA and the IFBB are just as corrupt as each other. It is sad that the sport has lost such a promising competitor.

Brad Hollibaugh Workout

Like all very strong bodybuilders Brad trains with very heavy weights using reps of between 6 and 15.

His workout usually last 1 hour and 30 minutes, 5 times a week.

For legs he will do 1,800 pounds on the leg press for 4 sets of ten to fifteen repetitions, and 700 pounds on the barbell squat also for 4 sets of ten to fifteen repetitions.

Brad still trains hard and is always in top condition as a result he often does guest posing gigs where he appears hard and mean and totally capable of entering any bodybuilding competition. It is sad that the sport has lost such a promising competitor.

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