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Bulgarian Training Routine

The Bulgarian training program has been around for quite some time. It comes out of the world of Olympic lifting and from the super successful Bulgarian weight lifting teams of long ago as well as recent past.

The Bulgarian approach, originally designed by coach Ivan Abadjiev, is known for being brutally tough. He built the program on the idea of overstressing the body until it adapts to the heavy stress load and grows stronger.

The foundation of the program is built on low reps even lower than the 3x3 training program. The Bulgarian model focuses on 1-2 reps per set. Another hallmark of the training is high intensity. In order to get intensity out of just 1-2 reps you have to use very heavy weight loads.

The Bulgarian weight training program has several distinctives. One of these is getting a massage before and after training not a bad idea at all.

When getting into the workout, the reps may be low but the sets are high. And they are typically performed on a single exercise, for a long time. A Bulgarian style lifter might perform squats for around 45 minutes using the explosive, low rep sets.

After the squats, the lifter may take a break of half an hour or so, then go back to working out, but this time on a different exercise. They would then perform something like the power clean for 45 minutes, followed by another 30 minute break. And then this is repeated for a third time, with yet a different exercise.

The lifter is not done yet, however. After a longer break, its back to the gym to repeat the entire process or perform a different process all on the same day. The Bulgarian training approach is super high in volume.

The Bulgarian program is centered on a few key exercises the clean & jerk, the snatch, power clean, power snatch, squat and the power clean & jerk. These exercises are performed over and over again.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of all to employing the Bulgarian workout is the time element required. You basically have to devote the entire day (with breaks between sessions) to weight training. Not many people who are employed full time can do that, which automatically eliminates them from using this high volume program.

This workout could be used for a period where you can dedicate a good deal of time to training perhaps a couple of weeks of vacation. Or you can try it on your day off from work.

Why subject yourself to day long torture sessions? The results. The Bulgarians were able to build the strongest group of lifters around on this system, and you may also get some impressive gains from this high volume approach.

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