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Building a Bulky Back

If you want to bulk up the upper torso, the best target is your back. The back has the most muscle area on the upper torso so if you bulk up the back, you will bulk up a major part of your upper body.

Chin ups are great for working on the back but you can push into the bulk zone by stepping up to weighted chin ups. Weighted chin ups will really make the back muscles work hard. They are quite challenging it is tough to even add just 10-20 pounds over your body weight initially. But you can work up beyond that over time and as you do you build good bulk into the lats and center back areas. Perform several sets of as many repetitions as you can hoist yourself for. And yes, you can get in one last cheat rep.

Another bulk tool is the deadlift. But you can take it to an extreme with the top deadlift. With this move you lift the deadlift bar about 3 inches total (in the power rack or on other support equipment) so you can use massive weight loads. Perform 3-4 sets of 3-5 reps with as much weight as you can hold.

The bent row should be part of every back bulk workout as it directly works the muscles you want to make bigger. Get a full stretch of the back muscles with the bent row to get everything possible out of the move. Perform 3-4 sets of the bent row with a heavy load, and lift it all the way up each time.

Finish off your bulk building back workout with a couple of sets of cable rows performed with explosive action. Really move the weight up fast, then let it down slowly, then repeat. Perform 10 reps with this movement.

Perform this workout all by itself, or at the start of any combined workout so you can give this area the priority of the best action of the day.

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