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Carrie Fickle Tribute Page

Carrie Fickle Picture

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: (off season): 130 lbs (Competition): 120 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde

Hobbies: Weight Training (of course!), All sports, Everything Marylyn Monroe!, Karaoke (yes, I am multi talented), and visiting new places.

Occupation: Sports management & fitness, Cheerleading Coach, and Personal Trainer.


Carrie's enthusiasm for sports & fitness began at a young age. She participated in activities such as; soccer, softball, and cheerleading. She continued cheering for two years at the Ohio State University until she was accidentally dropped just before a game causing fractures to her back. After her recovery, she began working out to recondition her body, when she was introduced to the prospect of fitness competitions. Carrie has been competing ever since. Carrie has been actively competing since 1998 and has enjoyed many accomplishments.

Below are some highlights of Carrie's Fitness Accomplishments.

1998 Placed 1st, Advance Genetic, Mid East States
1998 Placed 1st, Indianapolis Powerhouse Gym Women's Fitness
1998 Placed 2nd, Kentucky Gold Cup, Tall Class
1998 Placed 4th, Ohio Governor's Cup, Tall Class
1999 Placed 2nd NPC Junior USA
1999 Placed 1st, NPC Pittsburgh Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship, Tall Class
1999 Placed 2nd, Mike François World Classic, Tall Class
1999 Placed 1st, The NPC Ultimate Bodybuilding and Fitness Showdown, Tall Class
1999 Placed 8th, Nationals, Tall Class
2000 Placed 2nd, Jan Tana Classic (Amateur), Tall Class
2000 Placed 6th, NPC USA'S, Tall Class
2000 Placed 6th, NPC Nationals, Tall Class
2001 Placed 3rd, First Figure NPC National, Tall Class, @ Team Universe (NYC)

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