How to Become a Champion Bodybuilder

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What Makes a Champion Bodybuilder

If you want to become a champion bodybuilder and your ultimate objective is to become a professional bodybuilder many people will tell you that first you need to make sure that you have good genetics. But to become a champion bodybuilder takes a lot more than just choosing your parents correctly.

There have been countless highly genetically gifted people who are able to put muscle on three times faster than everyone else and they have simply dropped out because of the ruthless demand that it puts on your life and your training to be successful bodybuilder.

It boils down to the basics of the core strength that you have in your head and your heart to be able to deal with the success, the disappointment and the pain when you decide to be a bodybuilder. You need to be able to find structure, routine and a whole lot of self-discipline if you want to be a champion bodybuilder.

When you train with weights you will be training your mind because you need to be able to have complete confidence in your ability to lift a weight. This could be demonstrated by tying yourself with duck-tape to a chin-up bar and not stopping until you have completed 50 reps.

It is this kind of dedication, focus and ability to force your body to go beyond your ability that will make you a successful bodybuilder. It is obviously something that can also be developed because the more you do it the easier it gets to do it again.

Science has now proven that the most effective way to gain muscle is by training with high intensity. High Intensity Training (HIT) has changed the basics of bodybuilding because working out for three hours and chatting under the squat rack no longer work.

SAID which stands for the specific adaptation to imposed demands is the basis that a bodybuilder uses to always stay one step ahead so that he does not fall into that dreaded training plateau. The plateau is when you train hard but do not increase your strength or the weight you can lift.

A real bodybuilder simply has to know all about breaking the pain barrier. If you go to any gym you will see many different types of people training and all of them will stop training a set when it begins to hurt. They stop when it starts to feel further reps are impossible.

When training as a real bodybuilder you should always have still a lot more left inside if you could learn to shut off that inner voice that screams to stop. It is not for the fainthearted and the process takes years of dedication, self-discovery and deliberate manipulation of your nutrition to achieve a specific goal.

It is not just about the conversation that you have with your body and mind when you are working out. It goes into more than that when you want to train like a real bodybuilder and that means a change in lifestyle. It has to affect everything that your total dedication and focus can give in order to gain more muscle.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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