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Clarence Bass Tribute Page

"Mr. Ripped" Clarence Bass Picture

Bass was born in 1937 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and can be called an Olympic weight-lifter as well as a successful bodybuilder as he won Past 40 Mr America two years in a row. But Clarence is more than that still as he worked full-time as a lawyer until 1994.

Clarence has a large following of dedicated fans who know the value of his success in the health industry. Clarence decided to retire from law and start writing books and publish his health journals which he has been writing for over 60 years.

Clarence is not a large man in structure or body-weight but he has an ability to concentrate on the healthy things in life that make him stronger. He has performed many amazing achievements for a man so small in stature, his best Olympic lifts were: Standing Press 275, Snatch 245, and Clean & Jerk 325.

He says "Mentally, attitude drives everything. My mindset is to always get better. Progress toward a meaningful goal is a most powerful motivator." His advice to those wishing to maintain longevity and physical strength is simple, "Keep training. Remember that the only diet and training routine you are likely to stick to is one you enjoy. Make every work-out a rewarding experience that you want to repeat over and over."

Clarence Bass Workout

Clarence has written many books on training and diet and his called ‘PERIODIZATION’ explains how to use training intensity to make sure that your body is able to recover from intense workouts without reaching over-training and causing injuries.

He says that most people think success in training comes from discipline and toughing it out. He explains that in his personal experience, that's wrong. Success comes from making each workout an enjoyable experience you want to repeat over and over. That's means continually challenging yourself with reasonable goals. Set yourself up for success in every workout. Success breeds success.

The purpose of his book on periodization is to help ensure continued gains, prevent injuries, keep the training from becoming boring, and help you avoid training plateaus. This along with eating correctly will ensure success in anything that you do Clarence explains in his books.

Note: Clarence Bass's routine is based on High Intensity Training for more info see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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