The Colorado Experiment
Casey Viator, Arthur Jones,
High Intensity Training

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Before and After photos of Casey Viator taken 28 days apart during Arthur Jones Colorado Experiment

The Colorado Experiment

The Colorado Experiment: A breakthrough study that produced the largest muscle gains ever recorded: 63.21 lbs in 28 days.

The experiment was devised by Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus training machines. The main test subject was Casey Viator, a professional bodybuilder. However, Jones also took part in the experiment as the second test subject.

The experiment took place at the Department of Physical Education at Colorado State University. The experiment was supervised by James E. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Radiology and Radiation Biology and Dr. Elliott Plese, Director of Exercise Physiology Lab of Colorado State University.

The experiment started on May 1st, 1973 and ran through May 28th, 1973. Casey Viator followed the protocol for the full 28 days. Arthur Jones completed only 22 days.

The Results

During the 28 day experiment, Casey Viator saw an increase in bodyweight of 45.28 pounds. Allegedly, he also lost 17.93 pounds of fat in that period. So his overall muscle gain was 63.21 pounds.

During his 22 day stint, Arthur Jones saw an increase in bodyweight of 13.62 pounds. However, he also lost 1.82 pounds of fat during that period. So his overall muscle gain was 15.44 pounds.

The Workout

The style of training used was "HIT" or High Intensity Training.

Read the the information below to learn more about High Intensity Training...

Gives you TWICE the amount of muscle gains in HALF the time…

Here’s Why Working on Your Tan Can Help You Pack on More Lean, Solid Muscle Mass in Less Time Than You EVER Thought Possible!

high intensity training

It’s true… if you know what it takes to get a sun tan… you can apply thatinformation in the gym to gain ALL the muscle mass you want.

And you’ll do it naturally… with proven techniques that FORCE your muscles into growing… so you can get as muscular as you want, as FAST as possible!

Dear friend,

If you're looking to build more solid muscle mass in a lot less time, I want you to first work on getting a tan.

Sounds a little weird, right?

Well, before I totally lose you and you think I’ve gone nuts… hear me out because it’s important. This has EVERYTHING to do with the muscle gains you get in the gym.

First of all, you are NOT going to build muscle from the sun. We both know that’s ridiculous.

But the relationship between the sun and tanning is the SAME exact one that exists between weight lifting and gaining muscle.

Here’s what I mean.

What happens when you get JUST the right amount of sun? You get a nice, attractive tan, right?

But what happens when you get TOO much sun? You get a sun burn.

That’s not something you want, is it?

Now… Let’s Take This Inside The Gym…

What happens when you lift JUST the right amount of weight for JUST the right amount of time… so you get JUST the right amount of stimulation to your muscles?

That’s right… you get bigger and stronger!

Much like the right amount of sun leads to a desired result (a tan)… JUST the right amount of weight training leads to the desired result of more muscle.

But like too much sun will lead to a burn… working each muscle TOO MUCH or for TOO LONG will lead to overtraining and your muscles actually GETTING SMALLER AND WEAKER!

Look… there's no law that says if you double your time in the gym, you’ll double your results. In fact, the OPPOSITE happens!

If you double the amount of time you lift…


Again, back to tanning… the sun is the stimulus and the tan is the result.

When you work out, lifting heavy weight is the stimulus and the result is more muscle mass.

When you expose yourself to the sun or any UV light for a short time… you activate the melanocytes in your skin. By repeating this process with SHORT sessions, pigment builds up in your cells and you get a nice, even, sexy tan!

But when you get too much sun…, you get a sun burn. Too much of the stimulus leads to a negative result.

So the key is to find the right amount of sun for a tan, but not too much that you burn.

Well, muscle growth happens by overloading a muscle with heavy weight and then allowing it to rest and recuperate.

So in this case, the lifting of heavy weight is the stimulus and if you get the rest and proper nutrition you need, you’ll pack on a LOT of muscle.

If you train a muscle too much or too often, it never gets a chance to recuperate and will not GET BIGGER. It's like going back out in the sun too much. Overexposure to the sun leads to a burn.

Overexposure to weight lifting leads to overtraining!

When overtraining occurs, muscle growth and strength gains come to a screeching halt.

So to maximize muscle growth… you need train with JUST the right amount of weight training. Too much will produce negative results.

If you don’t allow your muscles to rest, recover, and get ready for the next workout, you're doing the same thing as if you went back out into the sun too much.

Too much of something can produce negative results as much as too little of something.

So what’s the answer?

Simple, just use the
HITMAN high intensity training manual!

HITMAN is a high intensity training system designed for quick gains of muscle, strength and power. It’s for those who want to gain a lot of muscle and NOT risk overtraining.

HITMAN was developed by Matrix Systems, a group of personal trainers and bodybuilders based in Southern California.

It’s based on the principles or High Intensity Training (HIT), which focuses on performing your weight training reps to the point of muscle failure.

The goal is to overload your muscles the best way possible, in order to maximize the amount of muscle fiber stimulation.

The fundamental principles of High Intensity Training are that each exercise and workout should be brief, infrequent, and intense. 

It makes sense that the more weight you lift, the less time you have to work out? That’s why high intensity workouts are kept short. You do JUST the right amount of weight lifting to KEEP stimulating muscle growth… and no more.

After a High Intensity workout, as with any workout, the body requires time to recover and produce the muscle gains that were stimulated during the workout.

That’s why there’s more emphasis on rest and recovery in the HITMAN program than in most other weight training routines.

Mike Mentzer, a former Mr. Universe, believe wholely in High Intensity training and achieved his lifetime best condition from using it.

Lee Labrada, Sergio Olivia, Casey Viator, and Dorian Yates all had incredibly huge and muscular physiques… and they ALL used high intensity training.

Sure, you may not have the genetics these guys had… but even if you get a FRACTION of their results, wouldn’t you be happy?

If you’re skinny and have very poor genetics for building muscle… this is the remedy.

Stop wasting time and start building muscle!

Even if you been stuck at the same size for years… this program will help you burst through and start packing on a lot more muscle.

The truth is, your current workout isn’t thoroughly stimulating all of your different types of muscle fibers… but once you use HITMAN… you’ll fully stimulate every fiber.

By the end of your first month you’ll notice new muscle. After a couple of months... you’ll see a huge difference in size and strength.

After all, HITMAN was designed for the most rapid strength, size and power gains possible… while also allowing you to achieve complete recuperation.

We’ve identified nine Critical Growth Factors, which form the basis from which this program is built upon.

Understanding and applying them correctly will make the difference between packing on a TON of muscle… and not making any gains at all.

If you’re not happy with your results from the time you spend in the gym right now, this could be the reason why. You’ll want to take a close look at this program because if what you’re currently doing isn’t working, this could be THE key.

Since it takes very little time, it’s also perfect for those who are busy and don’t have a lot of time to work out.

So now, not only do you NOT have to spend five to six days a week in the gym… you’ll also cut your training time down in HALF… while you gain TWICE the amount of muscle!

It’s true! HITMAN has eight completely new engineered training periods. Each is four weeks long which includes a two-week high intensity "Growth" Phase, followed by a two-week lower intensity "Stabilize" Phase.

The workouts are based on a three-day per week schedule which allows you the other four days to completely rest and recover. This system is designed for maximum rest, recuperation, and muscle GROWTH!

HITMAN is perfect for someone that wants to get in and out of the gym quickly WHILE ALSO packing on a ton of lean muscle mass.

Every single part of your weight training is covered in detail. I’ll even show you exactly which exercises to use and how many reps to use every workout.

What you’ll Get with the HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual… Short, four-week training periods based on Growth and Stabilize cycles. Eight new and unique training periods based on a three-day a week workout schedule. Nine Critical Growth Factors identifying the most important parts of weight training. Brief, intense workouts to stimulate optimal hormonal release. Includes an Anabolic Diet Cycle with a specific training period designed for it. New Dynamic Stretching concept to increase muscle growth potential. Specific Muscle Overload Techniques for fast and consistent muscle growth. ...And Much More!

HITMAN is based on the scientific, PROVEN research of cause and effect… just like the sun can lead to a tan if used correctly.

This program, if used correctly… will make SURE you train JUST the right amount… so you get the absolute maximum amount of lean muscle mass growth.

We’ll cover training to failure and whether it’s important to do or not. We’ll also talk about “the pump” and even if it’s necessary to feel during your workouts.

We’ll cover overtraining and how it can ruin ALL your muscle gains… and how to prevent it from happening. I’ll show you the correct training format that helps prevent overtraining from ever happening again.

We’ll get into your workout length, the number of reps and sets to do, which exercises to use, when to train, the top muscle overload techniques and advanced muscle stimulation techniques, rest and recovery for quick muscle gains, nutrition for the most muscle growth, and supplements.

You’ll also get complete exercise descriptions that show you how to perform each one.

Proven Scientific Methods to Help You Reach Your Genetic Potential in Muscle Mass

The primary focus in this program is gaining muscle mass a lot faster, but we also cover nutrition, weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility training.

These are all parts of a proper program that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Through years of research and experience, we’ve come to understand there is a growing percentage of men that want to train and increase their power and strength yet they have limited recuperation capabilities.

These guys are typically referred to as "hard gainers."

Their limitations are due to genetic factors as well as daily stress, poor eating habits, lack of regular rest. These all limit your body's ability to recover from regular exercise.

Remember our talk about sun tans and muscle growth? This is it right here.

If you find yourself not making consistent progress, constantly fatigued when you do train, or little time to spend on your workouts… then the HITMAN program will help you build a strong, muscular body in a lot less time.

This program relies on intensity cycling, training variety and applying the techniques responsible for complete muscle stimulation. We work in sync with the body's natural ability to withstand stress and recover.

Hitman's "secret" is to keep your body rested and recovered after an intense lifting session.

Just enough lifting is crucial…

Much like the fact that JUST enough sun will produce the desired result of a tan… this program will produce the desired result of more muscle mass. It has JUST the right amount of training. Your progress will depend on following each training Period as close as possible.

There’s a very fine line between the proper amount of training and your overall ability to recover.

But when you follow this, you’ll LOVE what you see in the mirror just a few short weeks after starting. The gains you see will come faster, they’ll be bigger and more often… and you’re going to pack on more solid muscle than you ever dreamed possible.

The secrets I’m about to share with you are the result of YEARS worth of scientific research on what causes muscles to actually grow.

Here at Matrix Systems, we’re big believers in science and proof and feel that if we can find the cause and effect relationship between working out and gaining muscle, that’s what we want to focus on.

What we've done is use a scientific, results-oriented approach that’s based on what works.

If you want size, fast, use this manual!

You’ll gain muscle mass, you’ll gain size, you’ll get stronger, and you’ll get so jacked… your friends will think you’ve been on a cycle of steroids.

But you won’t be… you’ll just be following the proven principles of what actually causes muscle mass to grow. In fact, a short time after starting HITMAN, your muscle groups will go into growth-overdrive.

While other guys in the gym keep getting the same results and keep looking the same each and every week… you’ll soon reach a whole new level of muscularity.

This program will separate you from all the other guys that will continue to just spin their wheels in the gym, getting the same old results.

For you, this HITMAN program means a chance to gain more muscle size and do it a lot faster.

So why am I suddenly releasing a program that talks about this stuff? Why wouldn’t I just keep these secrets to myself?

Well, first off, that wouldn’t be fair to let SO MANY people keep doing things wrong and spin their wheels in the gym for little to no results.

After all, we’ve noticed that just about 99% of all the people working out in the gym are just plain WRONG. I mean, they work out WAY too much and WAY too often.

My clients and I are in and out of the gym by the time they finish warming up!

And here’s the thing: We’re some of the biggest, most muscular dudes in the gym… yet we literally spend a fraction of the time!

So instead of just letting most guys keep running around in circles, not getting anywhere, I want to help change that.

My goal is to help guys pack on more solid muscle mass in literally HALF the time they spend in the gym.

This will blast your muscles with something they’ve never experienced before. And as a result, you’ll grow so fast you’ll NEVER want to train any other way again.

I’ve used HITMAN to gain an unfair advantage over other lifters in the gym and there’s no reason you can’t as well.

Now you don’t have to be like MOST guys who have trouble gaining muscle. You’ll now have the unfair advantage and be on a totally different level of muscularity.

Whether you want a thick, powerful chest or arms that bulge out of the sleeves of your shirt, or round shapely shoulders that look like bowling balls… you’ll soon notice guys, everywhere you go, start to give you a lot more respect.

Not only that, but the ladies will be checking you out a lot more too, I guarantee it.

So bottom line, it’s time to use HITMAN to “shock” your muscles into growing faster than they want to! You’ll blast right through plateaus so you can keep making incredible gains.

What’s more, since you’re no longer spending an extra minute in the gym… even while you get better results, you’ll have more time to actually live a life. All the while, you’ll be getting continuous muscle growth that just doesn’t stop

You’ll be giving your muscles NO OTHER CHOICE but to grow… and grow FAST because you’ll finally be using the scientific methods of muscle growth.

That means YOU decide when you’ve got the amount of muscle you want. No longer do you have to keep spending hours in the gym for little to no results.

That time of your life is done forever!

In fact, stick with it and you can get results like I’ve gotten… which is more growth in just 3 months than you would normally get in 3 years!

The fact is, you’ve just got to SEE this program to believe it.

Look — if you work out and you honestly want to get BIG, you understand just how important proper rest, recuperation, and nutrition is, right?

If you want MORE muscle size, FASTER than you could ever dream of… this is your chance.

Some guys are satisfied with their training routine and the fact that they just go to the gym, over and over again, and never see any results. I guess they figure “that’s just how it goes for them”.

But I know for me, and all of my clients, we’re never entirely satisfied. We're always looking for new ways to pack on solid muscle.

Heck, it’s what we do here at Matrix Systems

That’s why advanced training breakthroughs that take above and beyond any training routine you've ever tried… that’s why we do this stuff and it’s why we get so excited.

We LOVE seeing guys get so much better results from using our stuff. It makes us feel like what we’re doing matters.

It took me about 5 long years to finally understand why most guys weren’t gaining muscle mass like they should be.

After all, they were spending a ton of time in the gym. Well, once again, it goes back to the sun tan and the sun burn. Guys were simply spending too much time in the gym. And I was one of the worst offenders.

But once I learned the techniques that are in the HITMAN program, my workouts were never the same and neither were my gains. They were far ahead of anything I’ve ever gotten before.

So before you lift your next weight, before you go to the gym, you need to get this program because it will change the way you go about putting on muscle mass forever.

The results you get, once you've used these workouts will quickly set you apart from everyone in the gym.

And You’ll Love Every Minute of it!

Look, if you want to gain so much muscle… so fast, that guys look at you with envy and girls look at you in awe when you enter a room, you need to check this out.

With my fast muscle building workouts you’ll get two entire YEARS worth of muscle gains… in just 2 short months… guaranteed!

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If you have a weak body part, or you've hit a plateau in your progress, then these muscle specialization workouts will help you gain slabs of new muscle mass fast!

No-Risk Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

You know... I'm confident this program will help you gain muscle in less time. But even so, I want to eliminate all worry for you.

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Order today and get...The HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual and the High Intensity Body Part Specialization Workouts.

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Lester Maurice

P.S. Stop listening to the wrong advice you're getting in the gym and start using HITMAN. You'll get more muscle size, strength, and an incredible physique you feel great about.

And once and for all, you’ll finally understand why there's no such thing as a "hard gainer. That's how powerful this info is.

I guarantee it's going to change the way you train for faster muscle size and power!

P.P.S. Remember – this program is backed up by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Put it to the test for a full 60 days. If your gains don't blow you away after ... you get your money back. No hassles, no questions asked.Top of Form

Bottom of Form


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