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Danny Padilla Tribute Page

Danny Padilla Picture

Danny Padilla also known as the Giant Killer and was as born as Dennis "Danny" Padilla born on April 3, 1951. He got this nickname because of his short stature and amazing ability to defeat much taller competitors. Danny was given an old York barbell by his older brother Ray when he was only six years old and he started training to become the next Mr. America.

At only 5 foot and 2 inches he was often told that he was too short to compete successfully. But after joining the IFBB, winning his first show and quite a few others like he did first with winning Mr. Rochester contest in 1970 while still in high school. He entered and won his first IFBB show in 1975 where he met Arnold, Frank Zane and Franco Columbu and Robby Robinson.

To his great surprise he won his lightweight division competition and took the overall title and went on to meet Joe Weider who told him to come to Los Angeles to train with the champs. That is something that he did and is something that he never regretted as he went on to win many titles and even won Mr. America in 1977.

Padilla later won the lightweight title for the IFBB Mr. Universe and became one of only two men in the history of the sport to win both the America and the Universe in the same year, the other being Frank Zane. Padilla was inducted into Joe Weider's IFBB Bodybuilding Hall Of Fame in 2009.

Danny Padilla Workout

Danny trained the way most top bodybuilders did in the 1970ís that is high volume training, doing high reps and high sets using moderate weights.

Here is an example of his chest workout:

Bench Press for five sets of twelve reps
Dumbbell Fly for five sets of twelve reps
Incline Bench Press for five sets of twelve reps
Decline Bench Press for five sets of twelve reps
Dumbbell Pullovers superset with Cable Crossovers for five sets of twelve reps

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