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Dave Durell High Intensity Training for Muscle Building

dave durell workout

Who is Dave Durell and What is the Dave Durell Workout?

Like many bodybuilders, Dave Durell got into bodybuilding at a fairly young age. And like some bodybuilders, Dave eventually ran across the training philosophy of Mike Mentzer. He drank the Mentzer kool-aid, and it paid off as he finally started gaining some real muscle. That put him on the HIT path.

Dave, who is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, continued to explore the HIT training style. He liked it so much that he uses it in he and his wife's (she is also a HIT proponent) Rock Solid Fitness Florida personal training company.

Eventually his High Intensity Muscle Building program emerged, and he wrote a book on the subject. He also has an advanced program, the Hyper Intensity Training Program which is designed to break through plateaus.

He is also employing the HIT program in the sporting world. He has worked as a Strength and Conditioning assistant/consultant in his neck of the woods, having both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars on his resume.

Dave has an online presence at High Intensity Nation where he blogs on all things intense. Interestingly, his site offers a training certification unique to HIT, the High Intensity Personal Training Certification so the trainee can zero in on the specific elements of HIT. You can see the necessity for this type of certification as most other certifications are built on different (high volume) training philosophies.

Dave admits there are different ways to incorporate HIT, but the underlying principles of High Intensity Training: Intense, Brief, and Infrequent. He points out that at his training studio, "Our clients perform slow, controlled reps, one set to failure, for 30 minutes per workout, usually twice a week. To date, no one has ever asked for 31 minutes." In other words, the 30 minute sessions, although short, are killers! Thatís the way it is with true HIT programs. If you use a HIT program in the right way, there is no way you want to do it more or again in the near future. That's where the infrequency comes in. And the longer you have been in a hit program, the more infrequent the workouts should become. Thatís one more favorable aspect of HIT, making it grow ever better the longer you employ it.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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