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David Henry Tribute Page

David Henry Picture

David Henry was born on February 24, 1975 in Denver, Colorado and has certainly made his mark on Bodybuilding. David is the complete professional when it comes to his career as a bodybuilder, despite the fact that he is actually a working man holding a position as sergeant in the army. Henry carries a lot of muscle on him with perfect proportion and his first Mr. Olympia win in the newly formed 202 division shows that.

He is known to all as the Giant Killer and still has an on-going competition between Kevin English. Kevin beat him into second place at the 2010 Mr. O which is something that David did to Kevin in 2008 when he beat him into winning his first Mr.Olympia.

There is no doubt we will see more from this man who has the genetics of a Greek God and the discipline and the tenacity to do the best that he can. He has taken a break in the past of over 18 months but he will come back. He said in 2008 that his objective is to achieve 6 world championship wins.

David Henry Workout

His approach to the diet and training that he does from day to day is extremely well calculated, planned and executed. His attitude of winning by using his very intense training workouts that he does is something that will continue to motivate his fans. Using weights that a power-lifter would use he puts everything into every workout.

He carries an enormous amount of muscle on his body because he is strong. Most of the weights that this man lifts in the ‘Blast’ phase of his routine the average professional bodybuilders cannot use. It is called the DC or Dog Crap method an involves doing a set with 12 or 15 reps in total but selecting a weight that he can only do a maximum of 8 reps with.

The system has three ‘loops’ where your first loop is 7 to 8 reps and then a rest with 15 breaths and then do 4 or 5 reps. This is then followed by a rest of 15 breaths and then the last loop is 1 or 2 reps or failure. The point is that this type of training is taking the high intensity of training with heavy weights to the next level and it gets results fast.

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