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Don Long Tribute Page

Don Long Picture

Don Long was born in Philadelphia on October 18, 1966 and he grew up and started bodybuilding for the first time in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Don is a fighter and never gives up and has the record to prove it but his story is something that no bodybuilder has ever managed to do and that is to come back after losing his kidneys.

The irony that he is able to still compete as a professional bodybuilder while going on dialysis 6 nights a week, which is something that everyone thought was completely impossible to do. Over the last 30 years there have been many pro bodybuilders that have suffered from kidney damage caused by steroids and they all retire from competing professionally.

Don stands 5ft 9in tall and weighs about 266 lbs at competition time. He is currently living with his wife in Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America and has worked as a Pro Bodybuilder Nutritionist. He works mostly with competitive bodybuilders and guides them through the complex process of peaking at the right time for a competition.

Don has been to hell and back trying to be a successful pro bodybuilder providing inspiration for his many fans all over the world. He has never won a Mr. Olympia probably because he died from a kidney infection before he could ever achieve that sort after goal.

Don Long Workout

Don takes his training very seriously and uses what could almost be called instinctive training to achieve the huge amount of muscle that he has. He believes strongly that when training those huge biceps of his that using dumbbells and training one bicep at a time gets him the best results.

Here is an example of one of his bicep workouts:

Standing dumbbell curls
Barbell curls
One arm cable curls
Rope hammer curls

He would do 4 sets of each exercise for 16, 12, 10 and 8 reps.

Most professional bodybuilders are constantly mixing their training up in an attempt to always try and shock the muscles into growth. Don has taken all of this a step farther by only sticking with any specific regime for about two weeks before he changes everything around and goes back to doing 5 X 5 or something else.

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