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Doug McGuff High Intensity Training

Who is Doug McGuff and what is his workout and diet plan?

Doctor Doug McGuff is a HIT author (co-author with John Little of Body by Science) who happens to also be a rarity - an M.D. (he is an emergency room physician) who runs his own training gym (Ultimate Exercise). As is his co-author, McGuff is a HIT advocate and Mike Mentzer disciple. He was also strongly influenced by Arthur Jones seminal work.

McGuff is an advocate of the very brief style of weight training, but acknowledges this allows for and even benefits the user in other areas of sports and physical activity. He reveals that the right type of strength training is the foundation on which everything else is built.

Doug is not a big fan of isolation training as he favors compound training movement to work with the body’s integrated muscle system. This of course also is the best path for HIT because compound movements allow more work to be done in a shorter time frame.

Dr. McGuff is a big advocate of getting your diet right, particularly in the area of inflammation, as he points out in an interview with another doctor:

“The standard American diet is highly inflammatory. It produces systemic inflammation of an order that is almost beyond belief. In that state, if you do exercise of any significant stress, you're just adding inflammation on top of the inflammation, and you're actually putting yourself at a bit of a risk. I advise people to get their diet straight and then exercise.”

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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