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Drew Baye HIT Routine

Drew Baye is a high intensity training advocate who has built an incredible physique to back up his fitness writing skills. Baye has a particularly superb waistline, rivaling anyone out there. Drew was in at the ground level in the development of the SuperSlow approach to training the muscles. Baye is known for being one of the most intelligent trainers around.

Drew Baye is both a trainer and a writer with his own site where he provides advice on both diet and training. He is considered one of the top trainers in the fitness world and has a personal consultation business. Baye has put together a book on how to use body weight for the HIT style of exercise. He also has an online blog where he discusses various aspects of training.

Baye is a big believer in Arthur Jones training insight, and also views Mike Mentzer and Ellington Darden as being key contributors to the HIT branch of training. Baye is also an advocate of limited sets only one per exercise. He also favors a full range of motion in training.

Baye lays out the basics for his HIT training approach from his site Baye.com :

Training Frequency: Beginners should perform no more than three workouts per week on non-consecutive days. Advanced trainees should work out less frequently, not more.

Training Volume: Perform between two and twelve exercises addressing all major muscle groups. If a higher number is performed, limit the total number of compound movements to no more than half.

Number of Sets: Perform only one set per exercise.

Number of Repetitions: A wide range of repetitions can be effective.

Progression: Increase the resistance used during an exercise by approximately 5 percent whenever you are able to complete the highest number of your repetition range in strict form.

Repetition Speed: Move slowly enough to maintain strict control over the movement and to be able to reverse direction smoothly. Avoid fast, jerky movements.

Range of Motion: Use a full range of joint movement.

Baye is an advocate of becoming as strong as possible, noting that muscle strength and muscle size are definitely related. Baye is favorable toward free weight training but has also written that machines can be put to good use for building the body.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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