Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training (DFHT)

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Matt Reynold's Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training Routine

Getting some hypertrophy (growth) going is great, but when you can get a dual factor, that’s even better. This program is also known as the Fitness Fatigue Theory. The fitness fatigue theory is that the fitness and fatigue are independent of each other. That is, just because you become fatigued on a particular day doesn’t mean your fitness level is low – you may simply be tired on that day.

Fatigue levels can jump all around, dependent upon a variety of factors, whereas fitness levels are fairly constant and change more slowly.

The Dual Factor system deals with these two factors – fitness and fatigue – in the training approach. The goal is that whether or not fatigue present, the fitness status of the body can and will still be increased. And that includes hypertrophy of the muscles.

The Dual Factor Hypertrophy routine is definitely a periodization scheme. The body is slowly fatigued over the course of the training cycle, (called the loading period) with the body not allowed a full recovery in the early weeks. After a few weeks, the recovery period is then featured, (called the unloading phase) with a reduction in the training in some form such as volume, intensity, frequency, etc.

The training focuses on taking the muscles to near failure but not quite all the way into the fail zone. Some variations of this training aim at working the full body twice a week, split the body into a couple of different sessions. The repetitions and sets are not set in stone but can vary quite a bit depending upon the exercise and how deep into the training cycle the lifter is.

Central to success in this approach is getting the loading and unloading time frames right. And it may vary from person to person – there is no perfect formula as people differ in their response and environments. When you get to a point where you feel your body is overtraining or overreaching, you then switch over to the unloading approach.

The Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training system is really very different from most training approaches and you won’t know if it will work for you unless you give it a legitimate shot.

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