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Eddie Abbew Tribute Page

Eddie Abbew Picture

Eddie Abbew was born in Ghana Africa on November 19, 1967 and is currently married with two children. He made his professional debut in 1998 and has not stopped. His best achievement to date was winning the IFBB Iron Man and often competes always placing in the top ten of any lineup.

To date Eddie has competed in more competitions than any other bodybuilder and he says he will never stop. He explains that he got hooked on building his body when he saw a picture of Sergio Oliva when he was only 15 years old. He has now been training well over 30 years and always is in competitive condition.

Eddie is a big man standing at 6'1" or 184cm tall and competing at around 270 pounds of ripped to shreds muscle. He explains that he actually does have an off-season where his weight would go up about 10 or 15 pounds but he is always in good condition all year round.

Eddie came in third place at the 2007 Mr. Olympia and he will no doubt continue to try to do better. Eddie explains about his training that he does every day and explains that heavy and low reps don’t work for him because he has tried it.

Eddie has got a nickname from his fans who call him ‘The Savage’ because at 6’1” he certainly looks intimidating when he is on stage.

Eddie Abbew Workout

Eddie says that he has tried everything and explains that he built his body using high reps like 12 15 and even 20 and this method works for him so he will stick to it.

He explains that before a big competition he will do 3 hours of cardio with every single workout that he does because it works. He says that the as he gets fitter he rests less and less between sets. When he does legs he uses the same system of doing high reps and high sets with a relatively light weight.

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