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Eugen Sandow Tribute Page

Eugen Sandow Picture

I am sure we all have wondered what the first bodybuilders did to get the bodies they did in the days before supplements or steroids. What did they eat? How did they train? It makes sense to ask these questions because what worked then will still work today.

Who was Eugen Sandow?

Eugen Sandow was born in Russia and was what many would call the "father of modern body building". Eugen is where you would look to get an idea as to where the idea of body building all started. He used his great strength to do shows proving his strength and showing off his muscles.

Eugen Sandow Diet

So what did it take for Eugen to get as strong as he was? What was his diet? He claimed that he did not drink hard liquors, and when he ate he would eat whole food, but would stray away from that at times. He ate these meals at regular intervals and the easier the food was to digest the better. Needless to say, it does not sound like the diet was a huge part in what made Eugen to be as strong as he was.

Eugen Sandow Workout

Eugen Sandow simply used barbells, dumbbells and body weight during his workout routines. He did baic lift wich he got as strong as possible on, even working up to 200 pounds dumbbells on some exercises. He also used stretching and muscle tension as a way to strengthen and build his muscles.

What Eugen Sandow showed is that you do not need to go to the gym to do special workout equipment, and you do not need to take special supplements that scientists have taken years to create. All you need to do is eat decent, and use the simplest methods to get the body you wish to have. Certainly you may not get to look like the modern day bodybuilders who all use strroids, but you can get to a place that you can be very happy with how you look.

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