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Freddy Ortiz Tribute Page

Freddy Ortiz Picture

Freddy Ortiz was born on the 1st of Jan 1941 in Puerto Rico and came to America at an early age and entered his first competition at only 19 years old. He won IFBB Mr. America in 1964 and 1963 and won Mr Universe in 1962. But if you look at this little man’s proportions it is little wonder that he his did not win more than he did.

At only 5'5" and a waist of 27" he had the best upper body in the world for many years with 20 inch arms and the best back in the business at the time. He placed second in the WBPG Pro MR. America in 1968 as well but did not continue to compete at competitions as there was no professional league in those days.

Freddy Ortiz Workout

If there is anything that is unusual about Freddy's training then it must be his rigid adherence to his training program over the years. He tells us that he has trained at least 3 times a week for the last 50 years of his life and he still does that today at over the age of 70 and still in great shape.

Freddy did the basic compound exercises and although has been shying away from the media for his whole life he still insists that the rumors that he was doing 40 sets for biceps and 40 sets for triceps are untrue. He trains his whole body three times a week and does not have the energy for 40 sets.

Freddy commented in an interview that he always has done the Larry Scott Bench Curl which is the preacher curl we know today to get his massive biceps.

He would train his body hard three times a week and eat 240 grams of protein a day which is something that he still does. The unusual thing about Freddy’s training is his incredible size that he gained by only doing the basics and training three times a week.

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