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German Volume Training Program

If you like volume training you will love the German version as it provides you with plenty of training volume. Not everyone is fond of lower volume workouts and will find German Volume Training (GVT) a tool they can get into.

The distinctives of GVT stand out, starting with 100 reps! That’s right, GVT puts out the volume here, requiring 100 reps for each exercise. The good news is that you only perform one exercise per body part (muscle group). The recommended route to the 100 reps is to perform 10 sets of 10 repetitions on the chosen exercise. The final element for GVT is the use of rest pause between sets, with a target of a minute to a minute and a half of rest.

The bottom line with the German Volume Training is to take one exercise for a muscle group and pound that muscle with that exercise. Some have seen similarities in this program to some of Vince Gironda’s specialty workouts.

The real kicker in the German Volume Training style is that you typically use the same weight load for the 10th set as you did for the first set. Some trainers recommend starting off with a weight load that you can do for 20 reps.

As tough as the training is, it is only performed three times a week so in essence you are allowing the body four days of any week to recover.

German Volume Training can be set up in many ways. One is a push pull rotation, working pushing movements one day, resting a day, working pulling movements, resting a day, and wrapping the training up with a leg workout and then a couple of days of rest.

Since so much of the workout relies on the use of a single exercise, it is vital to get the best exercise for the muscle group being targeted. The exercise chosen for any muscle group should be the one that recruits the most muscle mass and allows for the heaviest weight load to be placed on the muscle.

German Volume Training is tough training and can really challenge anyone’s body. It has been known to help put on at least 10 pounds of muscle mass fast. This hard-core training is perfect for a cycle when you need to boost growth quickly and probably not a long-term use tool.

Note: For information on best form of volume training checkout Muscle Express Training.

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