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Gordon LaVelle High Intensity Training for Mass

gordon lavelle workout

Who is Gordon Lavelle and What is So Great About his HIT Workout Routine?

Gordon Lavelle is one of a handful of HIT promoters who is also an author. And Gordon also has a hard core physique to back it up. Gordon is built with the ultimate mix of a super lean middle and large muscle bellies. Gordon shares his path to a powerful physique in his book "Training for Mass."

Gordon's training philosophy and his general approach is built on efficiency and effectiveness why do something unless it works? He notes that most bodybuilding style training is not that effective even to the point of being largely wasteful of time and effort. His point is that it is not the length of the workout but rather the intensity that is the key factor for sparking growth.

Gordon points out one key advantage of HIT training that many people overlook injury. Most people who employ the standard training, with the related long sessions in the gym, often wind up injured. Gordon devoted a chapter in his book on this issue, and reveals that HIT training, with its shorter sessions, is much less likely to provoke an injury to the body. HIT training is much less likely to wear your body down since you perform less of it and perform it less often.

Similar to many other HIT authors, Gordon is an optimal training advocate as he believes that significant growth can be stimulated with a single set.

The employment of the single set approach allows the user to get in work on several body parts at once. For instance, a chest workout advocated by Gordon may include a set of Barbell decline bench press and a set of incline bench press (after a warm up set). And he would also throw in some triceps work (a single set of something like a triceps bench press movement) and waist work as well, all in a single, very short routine.

The repetitions in the set should fall in the standard range (8-12) but each set should be taken to absolute failure or beyond.

To get the most out of a brief set, Gordon tends to focus the training on exercises that are compound. One big advantage of Gordon's HIT style is that it allows you time to address each muscle group and not have to marginalize any area.

Gordon's training approach has very evidently worked for him, enabling him to build a very impressive physique, which is strong support of his particular style of HIT.

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