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Gain 25 Pounds of Muscle in 10 Weeks

True, there are hundreds of other workout programs out there. Most of them by people who either don't want you to know the real truth or who don't really know what it takes to get huge themselves.

The Genetically Average Joe Workout: How to Gain 25 Pounds of Muscle in 10 Weeks program blows away both types. It tells you how to put your body into a constant anabolic state. This information covers drug-free lifting, supplementation, and food regemins - the total package!

The Anabolic State

If you are not in an anabolic state, and can not learn to keep yourself there - you won't get massive. It's just that simple. True, you can take the "easy" way to anabolism by using steroids but we don't need to tell you what's wrong with that. This program is the absolute, time proven, thoroughly tested, only Drug Free massive gain plan on the market - period!

The Secrets of Gaining Mass!

So are you ready to get growing? Are you finally ready to make an investment in your body? One that will eliminate most of that other hog-wash that is out there scalping your money. It is time to be serious and get massive. Make this investment, put in the sweat, follow the guidelines and don't expect anything less than massive results!

Risk Free

Best of all the program is totally risk free. Try it for 2 months. If you don't see surprising gains by then, and you are following the program back to us for a prompt refund - no questions asked.

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