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High Frequency Training Routine

High frequency trading has been the fad in the financial markets for the past couple of years and now we have a growing interest in high frequency training for the bodybuilding world.

High frequency training is as its name implies, training a lot. One definition is that involves using an exercise (or muscle group) three or more times per week. The reason? Some believe that high frequency training delivers quicker results than does low frequency training.

One of the aims of employing high frequency training is to build up neuromuscular coordination of the muscles by repeated use. The more a muscle is used, the better that key neuromuscular coordination of the muscle fiber becomes.

Another target of high frequency training is to expand the workload capacity of the body's systems in general. When the body is pushed in a new direction, it responds in turn.

High frequency training also has some negative aspects, such as a higher susceptibility to overtraining and all the side effects that come from overtraining, such as burn out both mentally and physically, higher fatigue levels, and becoming more prone to injury and illness. Incidentally, this also seems to be true with the sudden interest in CrossFit and its multi training sessions routine.

The high frequency training also lies at philosophical odds with the HIT system. One of the key pillars of HIT training is infrequent workouts. Instead of more training per week, HIT advocates less training per week.

Both systems claim impressive muscle gains, but the high frequency training approach only seems able to deliver those gains for a short period of time whereas HIT is more of a long term approach.

High frequency training is best used for a short time frame, to shock the muscles with an entirely new stimulus. However, long term use of this training style could lead to issues such as rhabdomyolysis (the tearing apart and disintegration of the body) and indeed that has happened to some CrossFit trainees who pushed the envelope too hard.

High Frequency Training is a tool to be used on occasion for a spark of new growth. Used in such a manner in can be a powerful way to pack on more muscle. However, don't perform this type of routine too long as it can start to tear down instead of build up for long term training.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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