How To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

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Bodybuilding: What do you do to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass

Gaining lean muscle mass is essential for any body builder. You can only attain a cut look, rippling muscles if your body is carrying too much fat. The muscles simply won’t show and all your lifting and sculpting won’t help. Whether you’re at the point of preparing for a body building competition or just kind of flabby, the general principles of losing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass are the same.

You need to increase your protein intake and lower the amount of carbs you consume. If you have a diet you adhere all the time, this can be tricky. We get accustomed to routine.  Trying writing down all the things you normally eat and then go through that list, eliminating several sources of carbohydrates. If, for instance, you normally have a potato every day, either eliminate it or replace it with a protein item or a fruit or vegetable much lower in carbs.  Even more than usual, try to refrain from eating late at night and midnight snacks.

Fat intake, naturally, must be cut.  Always order and buy lean steaks. If you’re partial to meat, it’s best to move your diet, at least for the time being, in the direction of leaner meats such as chicken and turkey. Pork products should be put on hold.

You can increase your protein intake by adding some meal that you might not eat regularly.  Of course, keep in mind that you want your meat to be as low in fat as possible.  For additional protein, try adding a protein shake or two during the course of the day. Don’t, however, carelessly purchase any drink that happens to be high in protein. Many protein shakes are loaded with carbohydrates.  To be really on top of what you’re taking into your body via a straw, you might want to mix your own drinks.

Avoid doing any radical surgery on your diet. Carbohydrates and fat should be part of any person’s diet. Don’t aim to banish them from what’s sitting on your plate every day.  Actually, if you’re the type who binges on junk food, your task is easier in a sense. You can remove items wholesale from your diet. If you steer clear of sugary snacks and greasy chips, you have the task of just tweaking your diet a bit.

 Increasing your cardio workouts is vital if you are going to drop body fat and let lean muscles mass see the light of day.  You can do some cardio work on your workout days, but certainly add it on your off-days.  Find a cardio exercise that you at least half way enjoy so you’re be able to stick with it long enough for it to help trim the fat. Aim to do at least 3 days of cardio training.

To get cardio training value from your weight lifting, you can lower the  normal weight you use so that you can perform between 8 and 15 reps of an exercise without having to stop. Here are 15 more ideas to lose weight and gain muscle.

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