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Hybrid High Intensity Training Program

Hybrid Intensity Training is the merging of powerlifting style exercise with bodybuilding style training. The result is a hybrid of the two. However, not just any bodybuilding exercises are used. The bodybuilding portion is built on high intensity style training.

The hybrid training approach is an evolution of the mainline HIT style of working out for building strength and muscle mass in less time. The unique part is mixing bodybuilding action with powerlifting training. The two are not extremely segmented in the training but can be used interchangeably.

This hybrid approach can employ exercises with only one or two repetitions to exercises with 50 or even 100 repetitions. The aim behind this wide range of training input is to keep the muscles guessing what is coming next so that the muscles never become comfortable with the training.

Free weights and machine weights such as the Hammer Strength Wide-Chest press can be used for the hybrid approach.

To achieve the confusion for the muscles, a different routine is cycled through the training every couple of weeks, or sometimes every month.

Muscle confusion is not the only outcome of hybrid training. So too is the engagement factor. Developed to alleviate boredom, the hybrid system makes every workout different and interesting.

Hybrid training also includes an ample rest cycle built into the training as much as a couple of weeks off.

The 5x5 (five sets of five repetitions) is also part of this training style, as are drop sets. Hybrid training has a little bit of almost everything, which enables the user to never have a stale workout.

The Hybrid training system allows you a lot of variables to insert into the training virtually an endless amount of options. You can keep your muscles confused for the next decade if you so desire simply putting the Hybrid program into play.

Note: For more information on on the best form of High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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