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Best Biceps Building Workout Routine

Bigger Biceps Going From GUNS To CANNONS

Arms are usually the first noticed and the most respected aspect of the physique. Not only do they project power,but they define the remainder of your physique. When training arms, it is must that you progressively increase the poundage, intensitiy, and variety of exercises. More sets is not always better, but more intensity is. The three most basic and effective exercises are the standing and seated alternating dumbell curls and the standing cambered-bar curl (straight bar).

The standing alternating is great warmup exercise and a major MASS BUILDER. At the start of the rep, with the palm facing the outer thigh, as the curl begins, twist the wrist upward. At the end of the rep, squeeze the bicep (flex) for a peak contraction. On the decent, resist the weight. Try to do 4 sets with about 8-12 reps per set. Try to get at least eight reps per set, if not, try decreasing your weight for the proceeding sets. Try not to get more than 12 per set, if you do, try increasing your weight until the 8-12 range is achieved.

Try not to swing the weights, instead, you can apply lots of power to the upper half of the curl by "tucking" your body under slightly to get more of a press and squeeze on the heaviest sets. This is one advantage of the standing position. Always remember that this exercise demands intense concentration on the contraction of each arm in order to receive maximum effectiveness.

The seated alternating curl have the same effect as standing curls, except that they provide more muscle isolation. With these, you cant use body language to help power the weight up. Seated curls also demand more mental effort, because of the concentrated nature of the movenment. Still, the same rules apply: Squeeze up, supinate as you go, then resist strongly on the return to avoid letting your body rock and forth. With these, also try to do 4 sets with 8-12 reps for the first 2 sets then for the last 2 sets, if necessary, change weights so on the last 2 sets, 10 and 8 reps can be achieved respectively.

Again, try not to swing the weights. One option to consider is using a bench with a back support to minimize the chances of swinging the weights. Remember that this exercise also demands intense concentration on the contraction of each arm in order to receive maximum effectiveness.

The cambered-bar curl is particularly useful as a MASS BUILDER and also it alleviates a lot of adverse torque on the wrists. You can do this exercise alone but it is considerably more effective when being performed with a partner. The exercise described is call "BUILDUPS". These are performed with 2 people standing in front of each other with a selected weight than can be handled by both trainers. The goal is to pyramid 7 reps. For example, You pick up the weights and complete ONE rep. Pass the weight to your partner and they too shall perform ONE rep. The weight is then returned to the first partner to complete TWO reps. The weight is then given back to the second partner again and they will complete TWO reps. Then pass the weight back so the first can complete THREE reps. ETC....... This procedure will continue until seven reps is completed by both parties. After seven reps is completed, repeat the seventh rep, then work your way back down. 6,5,4, etc... This exercise may sound very simple but once you try it I'm positive you will have a change of heart. If you perform these toward the end of your arm workout, you can guarntee that these will force you to bring the days training to an end.

I hope these techniques will aid in improving your overall arm development and strength. Performed correctly, they will.

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