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Best Rated Bodybuilding Supplements

This page gives reviews on various types of bodybuilding supplements. In all actuality, many supplements are bogus. The key is to find which supplements work and which don't.

These reviews are non-biased and reflect the opinions of bodybuilders whom have actually used the supplements. The products are in no particular order by product use or type. You may click on a product name below to review a specific product, or you may scroll down the page to review the entire list.

Vanadyl Sulfate This product is a product of many misconceptions although it is a product that does work. Some of the rumors that you'll here about this product is "you'll see fast gains of hard dense muscle", "you'll have increased strength and vein popping pumps that will get the whole gym talking." These claims are of course ridiculous. Dont let these rumors be the deciding factors which sway you into buying Vanadyl. The real reason to buy Vanadyl is that is works dramatically in increasing the amount of carbohydrates and proteins transported into your muscles, which means more energy to burn and more muscle building nutrients for faster growth and recovery. Again, this is no wonder drug and dont expect overnight gains, but it is a useful one thats helps in your efforts to a better body. This product is recommended by myself and many other bodybuilders as a must take supplement. For the best prices go to Discount Best Bodybuilding Supplements.

Fat Burners The claims of these products state they will give you "more striation and separation and sharper edges" Theyt also claims to give "greater vascularity if combined with an intensive training regimen and strategic diet." The key words are intensive training and strategic diet. I have personally used them myself and found that it does remove fat but I wouldn't consider it a weight loss supplement. It is for the bodybuilder with a very small layer of fat that needs to be removed. This product is to give you the "ripped look" not really to take off a lot of weight. Is definetly worth trying to get that sharper physique and the lines that you want in the muscle. For info on the best fat burner go to Fat Burner.

Cybergenics Phase I The Phase I program by Cybergenics is a unique supplement. Even though the claims that you see in the magazines where the before and after pictures of the athletes are exaggerated, this is a product that works. Not as fast as it claims but it does work. The Phase I is designed to stimulate advanced muscle growth for the beginner to intermediate athlete. It consists of 5 types of tablets which are taken at specified times throughout the days. Each of these 5 types of tablets contains several types of ingredients. (too many to list). They are taken over a 6 week period with a 2 on 1 off workout routine. I do recommend this supplement. The use of Vanadyl, Amino Acids, and the Phase I will provide you with an awesome tool for gaining muscle. For more info or to get Phase 1 go to Cybergenics.

Protein Powders There are thousands of different brands of Protein Powders and most are basically the same except for the amount of protein per serving is provided by each product. There are also many types of Protein powders available such as egg, soybean and whey Protein Powders. Of these different types, WHEY protein has the highest biological value. So if you do buy a protein powder, go for the whey protein instead of the others. The reason that I say "IF" you buy a protein powder supplement is because their are alternate cheaper ways of aquiring protein, for example, egg whites. Even though its not whey protein, 1 large egg provides you with 6 grams of protein. 8 eggs (use the white only, we dont want the fat) combined with 1 - 2 cups of skim milk and a banana mixed with a blender, give you a delicious high protein (50 grams) drink at a fraction of the cost of a serving of protein powder. The option is yours. Either way, make sure you get your required amount of protein daily. It is a major part of the bodybuilders diet. For the best prices go to Discount Best Bodybuilding Supplements.

Creatine Monohydrate This supplements is probably one of the most popular supplements used by natural bodybuilders. Creatine increases your body's regenerative production of ATP which is the fuel source which prevents muscle fatigue, which in-turn enables prolonged intensity, greater strength-building workouts. Creatine also helps to increase muscle cell volume for faster muscle growth and quicker recovery. These are the main qualities which are wanted in a supplement, reduced muscle breakdown and quicker muscle recovery. This is one supplement that I have used and will continue to use. I have seen improved muscle gains with this product (not as fast as the product claims) but I have seen improvements which were above and beyond what I achieved when I was not using it. I would recommend this product or at least recommend you to give it a try. More info on Creatine.

Andro-Shock is a stack of naturally occurring herbs that boost to your own body's natural testosterone production. Secondary to this increase, effects are often seen such as increased energy, enhanced recovery and growth from exercise, heightened sexual arousal and function, as well as a greater sense of well being. This substance is probabliy the strongest testosterone precursor available. For more info or to buy go to Andro.

Note: For information on volume training for natural bodybuilders checkout Muscle Express Training.

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