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Best Tricep Workout

Most bodybuilders tend to concentrate on the biceps when training arms and tend to neglect the triceps. What many people tend to forget is that the tricep is the biggest muscle group in the arm. It is the large tricep that makes an arm look big. The exercise described below will help you in your quest for the knowledge of the art of HORSESHOE FORGING.

The first exercise described is the Tricep Pushdowns. This exercise is great for building mass on the tri's and for separating the tricep heads. These should be done with the feet about 10 to 12 inches apart while standing up straight. Try to avoid leaning forward as much as possible. Each rep should be performed slowly and in a controlled manner. You should not have to swing the body in order to lift the weight. When pressing down on the bar, the rep is not complete until the arms are fully extended. At this point you should pause for a second while flexing the tricep muscles. When lowering the weight stack back down, try to do it slowly as if you were doing a negative. The bar should only be brought up to about the mid section or around the top row of abdominals. Remember to keep your elbows in tight and don't train so heavy that it causes you to lose your form. Also, try to get a higher number of reps out of this exercise, somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-15. Try to make this range the point to where total exhaustion occurs. Another thing to keep in mind when doing this exercise in regard to form is to try to keep from letting the cable rest on either side of body. Try to keep the cable center and directly in front of the head. This prevents one arm from being stressed more than the other. Try to do at least 4 sets of these. I prefer to do a higher number of sets usually 5 or 6. Always ensure that the muscle is getting fatigued, If not, go heavier. The only way the muscle will grow is if it's forced to.

The next exercise described is the same as the Tricep Pushdown but the difference is the reverse grip. The palms of the hand should be facing upward instead of downward as with the basic pushdown. This exercise also directly trains the tricep heads. This exercise is a little more difficult than the previous because the elbows cannot be used as much as a support. The tricep is doing all of the work in this exercise. The procedure is performed basically the same. Place the feet about 10 to 12 inches apart and grip the bar palms up. You should also perform these with the same smooth and controlled motion. Push the bar down until the arms are fully extended and pause for a second, flex the triceps and finish the rep by allowing the bar to raise about as high as the midsection. Another difference between these two exercises is that there is no need to bring the weight back up slowly (negative) when doing this exercise. The entire usefullness is when the weight is being lifted, not lowered. The pressure of the weight is on the thumbs when the weight is being lowered and provides no usefullness to the triceps. You may have to go lighter in weight on these because of the difficulty of the exercise. The main thing that you want to focus on is the form and the number of reps. Try to perform a large number of reps when doing these. A range of 15 to 18 is about right. This exercise really provides separation in the tricep heads. I would use this exercise as a final exercise to all of the exercises explained here in order to give my triceps that final pump.

This exercise is called the One-Arm Tricep Extension. The basic purpose of this exercise is to work the entire tricep and separate the three heads of the muscle. To perform this exercise, it is better if sitting on a bench so form will not be sacrificed. Take a dumbell in one hand and hold it extended over the head. Keeping your upper arm and elbow stationary, and close to your head, lower the dumbell in an arc behind your head. Feel the triceps stretch as much as possible by ensuring you fully stretch the arm. Press the dumbell back up to the starting position. Finish your set with one arm them repeat the movement with the other arm. Make sure your form and style are strict. Use a lighter dumbell to start with to ensure good form. Keep your body, head, and upper arm fixed throughout the movement- only the forearm should be moving. The shoulders should be kept square to the front. Try sitting in front of a mirror when performing these so the form and style can be noticed. One variation to this exercise is to use a heavier dumbell held in both hands instead of one. While the one-armed extension promotes shaping and separation, this variation is more for overall size and thickness. This exercise is like the concentration curls for the biceps, Its not so much how heavy the weight is but focus, visualization, and proper technique and control is a must.

This exercise is the Lying Triceps Extensions with an EZ curl bar. This exercise is performed while lying on a bench gripping the curl bar with a close grip. The bar is to be pushed upward until the triceps are fully extended. The bar is then slowly lowered until barely resting on the forehead. It is best if a spotter is used when doing this exercise because if is necessary to use heavier weights in order to receive the desired size and thickness, although this exercise can be used for separation and toning also. Another variation to using the EZ curl bar in this position on a bench is to do the Close Grip Bench Press. It is done just like the regular bench press except with a close grip. Again, you may want to use a spotter with these also in order to do heavier weights. You wan to ensure you are getting a full range of motion and stretch the triceps out completly. At the climax of each rep, flex the triceps for a second or two. It is also wise to flex and pose the triceps between sets of any tricep exercise.

The last exercised describe in my routine is the Kickbacks. This exercise is unbeatable when it comes to getting that final burn. This exercise is performed by holding a dumbell in one arm while leaning forward at about a 45 degree angle while using a bench to support your free arm. push the dumbell to the rear ensuring the arm is in a fixed position. The upper arm around the bicep and tricep should be kept parallel to the floor. When perfoming each rep, make sure only the elbow joint is moving and not the entire arm. It is not necessary to use heavy weights for this exercise because like I said before, the object is to give the tricep that final pump and burn. This is a high rep exercise. When I say that I mean It should be in the 20 to 30 rep range. If possible sit in front of a mirror when doing these also to ensure the form is correct. I cannot stress enough how important form is when doing this exercise. If your form is not correct as with any exercise, you are not getting 100% of the benefit out of the effort you put into it. After a few sets of these and in conjunction with all of the other exercises described, your tricpes should be SMOKIN'.

If these exercises are perfomed as described above and there is total dedication on your part, there is nothing stopping you from having those Titanic Tri's yourself. Always remember that the tricep is the biggest muscle group in the arm and should be given just as much attention, if not more, than the bicep muscle.

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