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J.C. Hise Workout

Joseph (J.C). Hise is not a household name anymore, but many decades ago he hit on a formula to pack on body size that was effective, quick and can still be used today. In fact his story resonates today because many guys start off from the same point. He hit a plateau and couldn’t get around it – being stuck at a bodyweight of 200 pounds. Various popular programs of the day still couldn’t move him forward (sound familiar?).

What happened next was anything but familiar, however. JC hit on a workout routine that took his bodyweight quickly upward. In a month he was almost 30 pounds heavier, and he ultimately got up to 298 pounds. His thighs hit an incredible 39 inches, his arms 19, and his chest grew to 56 inches.

What did he do to promote such fast and massive gains? The foundational element was the squat. JC performed 10 repetitions in the standard form, then, without stopping, went into a breathing squat, where he would take several deep, deep breathes between repetitions. He pounded out 10 more squats in this manner, for a total of 20 repetitions of hard core squats.

JC complimented the squat routine with just two other exercises – the press behind the head, and the curl. And that was it. That, and a lot of food, added up to the tremendous gains that Hise was able to stimulate.

Note that the squat performed by Hise was a single set. The same was true for the behind the head press and the curl – each only performed for a single set of repetitions. Therefore the weight load needs to be enough on all of these exercises to make the exercise intense.

Hise performed the unique routine three times a week, and grew like crazy. His results are not unique, however, as others also gained a significant amount of weight on the routine. He also ate a good deal of food to support his training.

JC Hise hit on a minimalist approach to muscle that turned on the growth mechanism switch in his body Will it work the same for you? There is only one way to find out.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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