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John Defendis Tribute Page

John Defendis Picture

John Defendis is no ordinary bodybuilder because it all started with a dream just like anyone else who wants to compete as a bodybuilder. But with John things did not come easy and his dream of winning the amateur USA championships actually took him over twenty years of hard dedicated training.

John was born to train and he started at 10 years old and has never stopped at well over 50 years old he can look back at the winning of his first Mr. USA contest in 1988 as taking him over 17 years of training to achieve. John has been voted more than once as the as Floridaís personal trainer of the year.

John started early and is the only bodybuilder to ever win the overall Mr. New York and has since been training and inspiring people to improve their health for over 35 years and still going strong. But life changed a lot for John when he met the great Steve Michalik.

John Defendis Workout

We all know very well that most bodybuilders train with a high intensity to achieve muscle growth. However when John met Steve Michalik he discovered a way to take it a step farther. Johnís training that he was doing at the time was already bordering on complete insanity and he was only 17.

When he met the Triple Crown (Mr. Universe, America and USA) champion Steve Michalik he created with his personal guidance the now very famous "Intensity or Insanity" workout. This is a gut busting high intensity workout which has over 60 sets in it and is something that has proven to get results if you can stand the torture.

In 2007 the world recognized Johnís enormous contributions to the bodybuilding and the fitness world generally and they honored him placing his name in the WBBG Hall of Fame. John is currently running a huge organization in the USA where he trains and places well over 250 personal trainers with top paying clients.

His now very effective and very popular "Intensity or Insanity" workout is extremely hard using heavy weights and a whole lot of sets. Every workout will require between 40 and 60 sets and that is not in total that is for each body-part.

It is fast paced, exciting and obviously completely exhausting. John explains that the only way that you are going to improve your health and improve as a person is if you have the faith, the passion, the desire, the discipline, the will plus the ability to go after your goals.

He says with a smile on his face that if you can survive my workouts you will be able to survive anything that life throws at you and that only makes you stronger. John Defendis continues to inspire people around him to greatness and will always be doing that.

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