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Johnnie Jackson Tribute Page

Johnnie Jackson Picture

Johnnie Otis Jackson is well known as the world’s strongest bodybuilder. He was born January 30, 1971 in Hammonton, New Jersey. Johnnie's first competition as a professional bodybuilder was the NPC Texas State Championships in 1998 where he took second place.

Johnnie has been competing since 1998 and has made some big strides into the bodybuilding community like winning the 2006 IFBB Montreal Pro Champion. But Johnnie is no ordinary bodybuilder because he is a competitive power-lifter as well. A good example of his strength is what he lifted at the Raw Unity Deadlift Competition on January 22, 2012 where he deadlifted 771 lbs raw on his first attempt and then went on to deadlift 832 pounds. Johnnie is not a professional power-lifter however.

Jonnie Jackson is 5'8" tall and when he is in contest shape he weighs 255lbs with an off-season weight about 20 pounds heavier. His 21” arms are perfectly proportioned to the rest of his body which is what makes him one of the top 15 bodybuilders on the circuit.

Johnnie Jackson Workout

The way that Johnnie trains has changed a bit just like other professional bodybuilders who change their routines constantly to always keep shocking the muscles into new growth. The training program that Johnnie uses most of the year for chest looks like this:

Heavy Bench Press with 2 warm-up sets x 15 reps (225 lbs.) 3 working sets x 5 reps (405 lbs., 435 lbs., 465 lbs.)

Floor Press 2 sets x 6 reps (325 lbs., 345 lbs.)

Incline Dumbell Press 3 sets x 8 reps (120 lbs., 150 lbs.,150 lbs.)

Flat Dumbell Flyes 3 sets x 15 reps (60 lbs., 70 lbs.,80 lbs.)

Johnnie has been an outspoken person doing 5 X 5 training which he still believes is the fastest way to increase your strength. With a rest of a maximum of 90 seconds between the sets makes it a very high intensity workout that has been used for years by both beginners and advanced trainers.

Note: Johnnie Jackson's routine is based on High Intensity Training for more info see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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