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Brian Johnston's J-Reps/Zone Training

Putting the muscle through a full range of motion is important for full muscle development. Brian Johnston takes the concept one step further by breaking that range of motion down into different sections. Why? He targets the issue of the resistance curve. J-reps Zone Training takes away the unproductive momentum that can occur from training too loose.

Brian Johnston teamed up with one of the most famous names in muscle building Ellington Darden to put this unique program together. The program is built on stage repetitions aimed at a couple of key targets taking away the easy part of a repetition (where momentum is actually moving the weight, not your muscles) and breaking through sticking points. These two areas should be of concern to everyone since all trainees bump up against them.

The J-rep Zone Training's approach to hitting these areas is to work on the area where momentum typically takes over, and take that momentum away. And not only that, but pound the tar out of the muscle in this zone. The muscle is pumped until fatigued in this area, and then the rest of the range of motion is completed.

The muscle is taken to the point of fatigue but not quite failure. Enough energy is left in the muscle to push or pull out the final ranges of the movement. However, even doing this is quite difficult after the pump action on the far end of the repetition.

What this pumping of the muscle in the zone where it has not been trained before does to the muscle is absolutely shock it shock it into new growth.

The key to making the J-Rep Zone Training work is finding those areas where momentum is most active and attack the muscle at that point. J-Rep Zone training comes at the muscle from an entirely different approach.

Typically the J-Rep Zone Training breaks a repetition down into three parts or stages. It is a unique way to push the muscle fibers to the limit. The muscles get hit multiple times going through the full range of motion. J-Rep Zone Training is an extremely demanding but also extremely productive process.

To take the life out of the momentum in a movement, the J-Rep Zone training is performed slower than the average training speed. And, because each repetition is so intense (both physically and mentally) you will want to start with a lighter weight load than usual.

If you are looking for a totally different way to work your body, J-Rep Zone Training is it.

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